Large Family? You Need One Of These MPVs

Are you getting fed up with piling the kids into a small hatchback? The everyday plight of squeezing bags into the boot, and playing tetris to get it all in. It’s a nightmare. What you need is a bigger car. One step up from the hatchback range are the powerful mid-range MPVs. These are people carriers with lots of extra space in the back, and tons of room in the boot. Perfect for those long holiday journeys, or just making the school run! But, which is the very best? Let’s take a look. image source Citroen C4 Picasso Most car buffs will give the Citroen C4 Picasso the crown. Why? It’s simply the best all-rounder. It’s practical, large, but efficient at the fuel pumps. Despite its size, it will fetch 74 mpg, and it’s completely free to tax. Our favourite feature is the enormous panoramic windscreen. You feel like you’re […]

Most car buffs will give the Citroen C4 Picasso the crown

2017 Ford Fiesta RS Rendered: A Mighty Mite that Might Just Happen

Continuing rumors about a Ford Fiesta RS 2016 or 2017

Last Christmas we were writing on this subject; this year about the same time the rumor mill makes circular currents on the possible new Ford Fiesta RS. The department of Ford Performance neither affirms nor denies, as we were twelve months earlier. Fiesta 2008 model is the half of its lifeline, safe and healthy, and the ST 182 hp released in 2013. Taking the pulse of what typically last generations of entrenched patterns of a catalog, we can surmise that still continue until 2017. If true the arrival of a RS, it would be just before the handover of the current party to the next. Similar to the Focus ST engine British and German speculation mention the 2.0 EcoBoost tuned around 225 hp, an issue that would leave too close to the Focus ST a price difference somewhat limited. This would make a fitting model, without too many sales in […]

Top Tips For Wet Weather Driving

Do you worry about driving in wet weather? If not, you should probably take it a little more seriously. Rain, snow, flooding and surface water can all have a significant impact on your driving. You need to make yourself aware of what to expect, and how to make your journey less hazardous. Here’s our guide to some of the little upgrades and driving tips you should consider when the weather gets wet. Don’t drive When you consider the impact that heavy rain can have on your driving, it’s important to ask yourself whether you should use your car. Do you have to go out, or could you use public transport instead? Or, can you wait a while until the severe weather passes? There are plenty of things that can go wrong, from impeded vision through your windscreen, to the risk of running into a flooded area. Think long and hard […]

Driving in the rain or wet weather when driving in rain you should be very careful and maintains these tips.

Buick Envision will go on sale some time in 2016, but its public unveiling is set

Buick Envision 2016 New Crossover middleweight

The vehicles of the brand Buick are immensely popular in China, so General Motors has taken certain models there first, rather than in the US That includes the Buick Envision crossover, which debuted over a year ago in Chengdu Auto Show 2014. Now, the Buick Envision is finally coming to its home market. And while Buick Envision stresses that it is a compact vehicle “designed and tested in Michigan,” as a model for US market still they bring from Yantai, China. Besides being the first Chinese-made Buick sold in the US, Envision will fill an important gap in the alignment of the brand. Buick currently have 2 similar vehicles: the Enclave, three rows and Encore subcompact. They are at opposite ends in the aspectro size, leaving plenty of room for something more moderate proportions. The Envision is aimed at small luxury crossovers such as the Acura RDX, Audi Q5, and […]

Hyundai Ioniq with three types of electric motor

Hyundai wants to become the first manufacturer to offer an electric car containing three versions: hybrid, plug-in hybrid and 100% electric. We want to achieve with the call Hyundai Ioniq that will make its world debut next January in Korea, to travel to Europe until weeks after the Geneva and finally presented in the US market in New York. Hyundai already showed the intention of this model few weeks ago with what they called AE Hyundai and its plan to electrify their vehicles for the next decade. The manufacturer has not yet revealed any information regarding the prototype model, including price or time-to-market. Some sources speculate that the latter could occur at the end of 2017 . According to the manufacturer, the Hyundai Ioniq model name refers to different elements that have surrounded its creation. The origin of the first part (“Ion”) is clear. The second part “iq” have given […]

Hyundai will launch a new vehicle in January dubbed the Ioniq featuring three electrified drivetrain options in one body type

Nissan aims to quell range anxiety with an EV equipped with a ... is preparing its first electric model equipped with a range-extending generator

Nissan is preparing electric model with autonomy extender 2016

Nissan takes time fiddling with various project expand their commercial fleet of electric cars beyond the Nissan LEAF and the Nissan e-NV200. Some managers manufacturer had advanced the possibility of coming up with a hybrid model in 2016. Well, today, we have known is that Nissan will go for a model with electric range extender for next year. This was stated by one of the Directors General of the company, Yoshi Shimoida, in an interview published in the Australian Motoring . This has equated to the future model BMW i3 REx (with extender of autonomy), and a separate new models we already know will be presented online. The truth is that adding a gasoline engine recharges the battery of an electric new Nissan formed a curious strategy by the manufacturer, being as we are to the doors of the new generation of electric cars with more autonomy. Shimoida has made […]

The all-new fourth-generation Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius, which is the world’s most popular hybrid car , reaches its fourth generation with a new modular platform, engines and more efficient batteries and more space on board. The four-cylinder Atkinson cycle 1.8-liter delivers 72 kW, and is coupled to an electric motor of 53 kW for a power system total of 90 kW / 122 hp. Performance more than adequate, with 180 km / h top speed and 10.6 in the sprint from 0 to 100 km / h. Fuel consumption and emissions vary depending on the tires used, but describe the more efficient state 3 l / 100 km of 70 g / km of CO2. The platform is completely new and will be adopted for the future mid-range and medium – high for Toyota and Lexus. The size of the Prius are aligned with those of the previous version, with a length of 4.54 meters […]

That group includes an all-new version of our top pick, the 2016 Toyota Prius

Ford initially revealed the Sync version 3.8 update with Siri Eyes Free

Ford to upgrade your entertainment system includes Siri Eyes

Ford is the latest automaker to add Siri Eye for free voice control. The Blue Oval is launching this feature through a software upgrade for vehicles equipped with synchronization systems and MyFord Touch infotainment, dating back to the 2011 model year. The update will cover more than five million vehicles, Ford said. While rival Chevrolet was one of the first auto makers to offer Siri Eyes Free, Ford has largely avoided the connectivity features keyed to specific smartphones operating systems so far. Siri Eyes of MyFord Touch infotainment essentially allows the integration of voice command system of Apple in the infotainment system on board the car. It has been seen as an advantage, since it allows users to control certain functions of smartphones that use more ergonomic controls that car. The idea is to keep drivers without hands on their phones while on the move, helping to minimize distraction. Once […]

New Renault Duster 2016 – Next redesigned SUV

The Facelift of the Renault Duster for the Asian market is scheduled to be presented in February 2016. The mid-life upgrade for the compact crossover present an improved exterior, updated equipment package and a new box option AMT (automated manual transmission ). Judging by the international version, cosmetic enhancements include revised headlights, front bumper reprofiling, new alloy wheels and slightly retouched taillights. The interior is likely to receive new upholstery with greater range of colors available. The most significant upgrade yet come in the form of the AMT gearbox which was announced earlier. Although New Renault Duster 2016 has both automatic and dual-clutch AMT options available, the company would choose the latter for certain markets and roasted to keep costs under control. It is hoped that the manual gearbox 5 speed can be attached to the 110 hp diesel variant. It is expected that other alignment propulsion system can remain […]

Renault has just revealed its 2016 Duster model, which appears to have a new set of cosmetic touches