5 Things You Should Know About Formula E

Was just the first round of the Formula E (Electrical) and if you thought that this category would be exempt from the emotions that provides the Formula 1 you were very wrong. Now is the hot topic among connoisseurs of motorsports enthusiasts. If you do not know where to start here’s your five things you should know to look like an expert (a) with your friends, family or fiance (e).
what  You Should Know About Formula E

1. Shock Prost and Heidfeld

The first prize of China took us to the edge of the chair entire career; right on the last lap, a few meters from the finish, there was a big crash in which Nicolas Prost (son of legendary champion Formula One Alain Prost) seems to throw the car intentionally to prevent Nick Heidfeld made a pass on the left, Heidfeld causing tumbling out fired in the air due to the low weight of the vehicle; eventually both were out of the race, unharmed, annoying and just meters from the checkered flag. You have to see the video of Alain Prost’s face as he watched his son on the monitors of the boxes , unmissable.

2. Vehicles

The basics you need to know about cars is that it’s electric vehicles, but not insignificantly power. The current vehicle speeds develops kmhr zero to 100 in 2.3 seconds and reaches a top speed of 270 kmhr; Also, because they are electric motors, the availability of immediate and total energy is constant, even in combustion engines.

Needless to say, no CO2 emissions throughout the race. But it is questionable how much energy and resources used to perform the race in each of the nine cities.

3. Stops pit

Surely see a rider off at the pits to run will prove a bit strange. Because cars are battery depletion is very natural, just like your cart remote control as a child; so all pilots are required to make a stop, change your vehicle and give a review of all systems of the new car hoping not leave a drawback of last second. Making it accounts for every team there are two drivers and each driver has two cars. The times pits to solve problems now not only depend on the speed of mechanical equipment; for now …

4. The noise

Many miss the powerful sound of the V8 F1 when passed turbocharged V6 engines, but it seems more rare to see a race as we hear a buzz. To give you an idea; on broadcast TV is comparable to the noise that a shopping batteries or track s ago calextric scale.

In fact, there are times when the noise of the engines are so poor for microphones on track, if you pay attention you’ll realize that the production of the FIA (International Federation of Automobile) adds an exciting little music in the background.

5. Fan boost

Fans can give your favorite driver an increase in power. How come? Yes, now fans can access the official website of the Formula E and vote for their favorite driver before the race. The three most voted drivers will receive an increase of 30kw for 5 seconds to dispose of 180kw and use them in permitted areas.

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