Very often when we performed an activity for a long time, our brain has reached a degree of control over the activity that we perform almost subconsciously, i.e. we do not realize when the details are doing. A clear example of this is when we drive a car, just do it but we are still not thinking speed or pedal must be pressed.

This behavior leads us in many activities to develop what is known as “blindness Workshop“, perform tasks automatically and no longer see if there is a better way to accomplish the same task, so we can save time, resources and generally get a better result.

This behavior is very common in small businesses, and is a major cause causes stunted and sometimes even make them fail. The good news is that by following a few simple tips you can start improving the way you manage your automotive repair shop. Here is a list of actions you can perform on a daily basis to always be on the lookout to continually improve your garage:

1) Defines a review program for areas

Take a notebook and make a list of all areas that will be reviewed within your shop, take your time to think carefully and do not leave anything out of your list, you can begin by facade of the workshop, vehicle repair areas, offices, restrooms, cleanliness, safety procedures at work, status of your machine shop tools, etc.. Do not worry if you can not have a complete list at the beginning, the important thing is to start, you’ll see that future revisions.

2) Define the points to check in each area

Once you have your written in your book list, written on a separate page each of the areas you got from your previous list, making the first goal and again check carefully which aspects that area are to be reviewed and write them in the corresponding paper, write in detail as it should be on each of the tasks for that area and every time, and the resources needed to do it and most importantly, defines and scores which will be checkpoints to check that determine the activities are being carried out correctly and finally set and scores each when revisions are made to every aspect you listed, preferably looking schedules that interfere as little as possible the normal activity of the workshop.

3) Select an area at a time for review

Once you have written down all the details, immediately begins by reviewing the first area, pay close attention to detail you omitted to do first list, write them down and build them Review your plan, you’ll see that you can greatly improve the management of your workshop.

4) Evaluate changes over a period of time, adjusts and corrects

Performs reviews for several times and always look closely, you realize that some points can be improved even more, allowing you to optimize resources, whenever you identify a point improvement, add it to your address book so that the idea does not get lost and apply from that time.

5) Perform each task that gave the best results

After performing the reviews you were adding to your book, you will realize that some things you thought you would get a result, not really worked, and others have excellent results, you’ll be in a position to debug your document best practices to be performed in each area and so have the operating manual your garage.

Finally, if you integrate into your daily routine constantly reviewing all areas that keep running your workshop, and make a habit of always looking for areas of improvement, see you to wait at least will be in front of a huge business growth and Best of all, based on an operating system that works smoothly even when you’re not.

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