Advice on road safety before starting a journey

With the arrival of summer and the desired holiday road safety can not be forgotten: it should check the status of the vehicle and plan the trip well before any output operation.

From all know the popular saying “prevention is better than cure” and, although it is used in all kinds of situations, follow their advice before starting a journey is a vital imperative for our road safety.

The vehicle in perfect condition

Before embarking on a trip, especially if it is long, it is necessary to conduct a full review to the vehicle with which we are going to move, as this will reduce the risk to suffer any sort of accident and, consequently, improve our road safety. First of all, we see that both the oil level as the water are at their correct size, and transmission fluid, and if not, then add that missing.

With the arrival of summer and the desired holiday road safety can not be forgotten

Remember that the oil should be changed every three months, and the transmission fluid every 60,000 miles. It is also advisable to review the status of the battery, shock absorbers and brakes, not forgetting the tension if the handbrake is appropriate.

It is also useful to check the condition of the tires, ensuring that the pressure of these is given in the vehicle handbook, and are in perfect alignment and balance. It is advisable to change the tires every 15,000 miles, as worn increase the stopping distance and the risk of skidding.

It is also necessary to verify proper operation of all vehicle lights, in addition to remember to bring the appropriate spare parts and ensure the good condition of the rubber on the wipers and the water outlets are not obstructed.

The trip, planned entirely

Other tips to increase road safety was scheduled in advance to make the journey, tracing the route in detail and checking the weather and roads. It is also very useful to prepare in advance the personal documents and the vehicle documents, a set of spare keys, sunglasses, a first aid kit and a directory with the most important numbers.


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