Alliance between Daimler and BYD brings the concept Denza

The Concept Denza has made its first appearance at the Beijing Auto Show. This is the first time this concept appeared in public since the official launch of the brand, which was held in Shenzhen in March.

Alliance between Daimler and BYD brings the concept Denza

This new concept car, presented under the name of the joint-venture between Daimler and BYD, is an electric car that aims to lead the market for electric models and want to stand out locally and internationally.

The car has a full battery electric system based on the model built and sold in China. Although for now the details on the car are very rare, if you know for sure that the color chrome on the outside of the car can be illuminated to provide perfect visibility and confidence.

Thus, it is considered that this concept is in a very early stage of development and there is still much to work on it, especially in its core system and battery power that has adapted in it, which is expected that the model Denza see the public light in 2013.

The alliance between Daimler and BYD specifically seeks to innovate in the Chinese market for electric cars, so that BYD is providing development in battery technology and electronic drive systems and want to introduce electric cars on the roads in China, while Daimler is contributing its expertise in the design and architecture of the car, and also aims to provide safety and quality.

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