Ask for oil: How to avoid the risks involved in using a poor quality engine oil

The main function of engine oil is to minimize contact between the metal parts, minimizing friction and, consequently, wear. The engine oil is responsible for creating a very thin film between the metal elements, to facilitate their slip. It also acts as a refrigerant where the coolant does not reach, to prevent the heat from deforming the moving parts.

When the engine is well lubricated, it maintains its power and makes maximum use of the fuel, but when it lacks engine oil, or is of poor quality, it lost its properties, the engine suffers the consequences and can even break. Therefore, when changing the engine oil , it is important to ensure the professionalism of the workshop that will take care of it.

One of the most common problems is that the oil does not withstand the high temperatures reached by the engine

What can happen if you use an inadequate or poor quality engine oil?

Always remember, please accept. The choice of engine oil should not be made lightly because if you use a poor quality, without sufficient guarantees, or you resort to an oil that is not the most suitable for the car, the engine will end up paying the consequences .

One of the most common problems is that the engine oil does not withstand the high temperatures reached by the engine. It is important to clarify that all lubricants oxidize when they come in contact with air, but if the engine oil is of quality it will be able to better support this process as it contains antioxidant additives. On the contrary, when it is not of good quality, it carbonizes more easily and drags with it those particles, which increase the friction and damage the moving parts of the engine.

On the other hand, it should be noted that engine oil contains a number of additives that should serve to improve and preserve their properties. These added substances should encourage cold starting of the engine and prevent the formation of coals, sludge and foam. However, the resulting mixture must be homogeneous and balanced since, otherwise, there is a risk that it will over-thick and will not flow or that it will be too liquid and will not form the protective film. In fact, some additives can even cause excessive engine wear.

For all these reasons, it is important that you make sure that the workshop where you are going to change the oil is authorized by the main brands as they meet the requirements that are demanded by the largest manufacturers of vehicles and subject the engine oil they produce to a series of Tests performed on standard motors in extreme conditions of use.

Where to buy Buy guaranteed quality motor oil?

At various oil seller, where they only work with the best brands in the market, in order to guarantee the highest quality at the best price. In fact, they might have different offers and discounts that will save you money if you ask for motor oil as this service also includes changing the oil filter and reviewing 20 basic safety points of your vehicle. In addition, you can count on the experience of their mechanics, who can recommend the type of oil most suitable for your car, taking into account the type of engine, its age and the use you give.

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