Audi Q2 hunting Nissan Juke

Audi already has three vans on the streets and Audi Q6 about to leave, but the yearning to cover all possible segment (and the effectiveness with which he does) mean that the German does not cool the drawing board and embark on a Q2 new project that is destined to be the new car that will stop your feet to the Nissan Juke in the category of compact crossovers.

Audi Q2 hunting Nissan Juke

The images that accompany this article are the artistic conceptions of the equipment of the British publication AutoExpress, but hope to have some official pictures from Audi before the beginning of the season the engine rooms of 2013.

The image of Q2 becomes much bolder and more athletic than his brother the five-door Q3, and it is expected that, apart from aero-body of this new vehicle is made of lightweight materials like fiber composites and lightweight aluminum for so you can have the same family of engines installed on the A1, mainly engines ranging from 1.4 to 1.6 liter diesel versions as both gasoline and turbo air mode.

Audi Q2 hunting Nissan Juke

Inside, the Audi Q2 is expected to offer a space as a four-seater, though a folding rear seat provide enough cargo space to maximize the limited trunk space it has, given the low and sporty style of the roof on arrival to the rear, the style of the BMW X6.

Apparently, Audi will make a nod to the buyers of MINI, Citroen DS and A1 offering customization of colors and ceiling mirrors.
Since you can only hope to clear the doubt of whether this model will be as groundbreaking as paints or rather if A1 will look like a steroid.


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