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The Most Reliable Cars In The Market

If there is anything that deters deciding if it is worth buying a car or not, that’s thinking about the problems generated by the maintenance of a car. Taking the car to the workshop can be a headache,therefore, it never hurts to know what cars need less frequently visiting the workshop.


Those who want to make sure they are buying a car that probably will not bring major disruption when maintenance, should be familiar with the term “reliability”. The reliability of a car is a probability index of running of a vehicle smoothly. Then you commented what are the most reliable vehicles on the market.

Renault Scénic is one of the most reliablecar on the market

Renault Scénic

With a reliability of 17.5 out of 20, the MPV of the French car maker is one of the most reliable car on the market. Since it hit the market it has proven to be a car without great inconvenience and as part of its maintenance has to be outstanding only for the longevity of the wear parts.

Mazda 5

Having 17.5 reliability score out of 20,Mazda 5 ever had to return to the workshop for you reprogram the engine management module in some diesel versions, but beyond that, it has not presented major problems.

Toyota Verso

Reliability score of 17 out of 20. Made on the Avensis platform, Toyota Versois a mechanics and electronics very well reliable vehicle, although it is worth mentioning that small bugs have appeared.