Babel Bike to be described as the safest bike in the world

Here is a concept different from the usual bike. The Babel Bike has launched a fundraising campaign to see the light at the page Crowdfunding Indiegogo. This prototype with conventional motorized version and comes from England trying to convince us that this is the safest bike in the world .

The idea came after analyzing how riders enter accidents and other vehicle occur, to come up with a design in which a seat around us with the essence of one’s own race car is included, and provided with two belts of security.
Babel Bike has launched a fundraising campaign to see the light at the page crowdfunding Indiegogo
Similarly, we find a very different position and supposedly more comfortable. After trying various positions, models seat belts electric engines, the Babel Bike took their final exam when its creators let a truck of 38 tons abused raising it above the bike.

Everything on the bike is designed in pursuit of safety. The manufacturer, in fact, been in contact with suppliers of the automotive industry and with the authority of British traffic to collaborate in the development of Babel. In that sense, tests and crash tests have been happening to achieve the design you see today.

Of course, its creators have incorporated all of the features added in the field of security and signaling. Thus, Babel Bike incorporates mirrors, lights are also activated by day, and even intermittent not to have your hands off the handlebar when indicate a turn.

In his electric version apart from its conventional engine of 250 W, we can say that achieves a range of between 80 and 120 kilometers . It presents a system in which we can set the degree of human assistance we want to provide. After Apparently, what seems clear is that it would be ideal to ride by a Chinese city companion.

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