Bentley Continental GT Speed ​​Black: only for Australia and New Zealand

The images that illustrate this article, which incidentally are not too much quality, show us the facade and interior of the Bentley Continental GT Black Speed ​​, a special edition of which only be manufactured 10 items that will go to the Australian market and New Zealand, why was filed in Melbourne taking advantage of the celebration of the first Grand Prix of Formula 1 that ended with the victory of Nico Rosberg.

Bentley Continental GT Black Speed edition announced for Australia

Within reach of very few

More than one can draw attention to him that the steering wheel is on the left and not right, that’s where it is on all cars sold in the antipodes. Saving this detail, the model on display is going to sell for about 467,000 euros which can soar to 533,000 euros if all the available extras are added.

Mulliner , the famous English house division, has been commissioned to create a Continental GT the most sinister, something that can be seen by looking at the black 21 – inch wheels or headlights are tinted front and rear.
Bentley Continental GT Black Speed For Down Under Looks
The only color that gives some life is red, manifested both outside and inside, where incidentally you can read “Black Speed” in a red lettering embroidered on the headrests. It is one of the specifics of this issue, as are the Breitling watch , lighting red or aluminum trim.

Bentley Continental GT Speed ​​2 Black

Your engine will not understand consumption and emissions

Under the hood there ‘s a monster. The engine is mounted W12 able to offer benefits scandal. Why they offer the possibility of equipping legacy disks brake Bentley Continental GT3-R , another limited edition that leaves you breathless.

Finally, say it is very likely to see new special editions of the Continental GT in the coming months, since the British company would not launch the new generation market until the end of 2017.

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