BMW and Toyota expand their alliance beyond batteries

During the presentation of the Toyota Prius +, they talk about the rumor mill alliances Toyota with other manufacturers. One of them grabbed enough of the time, the alliance between BMW and Toyota.

BMW and Toyota expand their alliance beyond batteries

You do not disclose the specific objectives of the alliance, probably because they do not know this, although you did speculate that indicated in two directions, development of hybrid technology for both and especially improved batteries. You know that the partnership will go beyond the alliance to develop lithium batteries that met in December.

Today has materialized so far will the collaboration of both manufacturers following a meeting between Akio Toyoda (president of Toyota) and Norbert Reithofer (executive board of BMW). The memorandum signed today unites strategically BMW and Toyota to develop fuel cells, the hybridization of existing engines, research and development of lightweight materials, and here comes the bombshell, the joint development of a sports car.

These fields open the door to speculation, will you have a BMW series 1 or 3 with the Prius hybrid system? Do you hybridize diesel engines BMW? What will the whole sport BMW and Toyota? Or share single platform? Will it take the hydrogen fuel cell that intended to develop between them? Will it take Toyota lightweight materials to their cars? The summary: many questions and few answers.

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