BMW can leave off the Start Stop system in the U.S.

If the U.S. market is characterized by something is to be the most peculiar and customers seem to paddle against the current in comparison with Europe and Asia. For example, despite high fuel prices, Americans still prefer large cars with high levels of fuel. A clearer example of what I mentioned, is the new BMW M5 that if in Europe it is only available with automatic transmission, the German was forced to introduce a manual change due to high demand in the U.S.

BMW can leave off the Start Stop system in the U.S.

In this case, the rarity of Americans goes a step further and to our knowledge, the customers of the new BMW 3 Series are complaining so cute because they lack the ability to completely disable the Start Stop system that remember this is an essential element to lower fuel consumption. The F30 Series 3 has a button to turn it off but every time you start the car, it reconnects automatically.

However, due to the high level of complaints, BMW has been forced to get in touch with its network of authorized workshops to explain the mechanics the next steps to predetermine the device off and on automatic stays off. Today it is rare that for any new car does not have this item in my opinion, is the best progress that has provided the automotive industry and that cities with high traffic. It is a great idea to save fuel when we are stopped at a traffic light or retention.

Personally I have not had the opportunity to drive a car with Start Stop system but those who have have told me that at first feels a strange feeling when we see that the engine shuts down and restarts automatically. Come on, this is a rarity but can add to the list of claims that Americans tend to have when driving their vehicles.


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