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Toyota Auris Hybrid gets five stars in EcoTest

The Toyota Auros hybrid has brought the top rating in the emission of pollutants in the ADAC environmental ranking. The victory makes Toyota Auris despite stringent test conditions for successful brand: the Toyota models previously pocketed most of the best marks.

The new Toyota Auris Hybrid also comes with the stringent EcoTest the ADAC cope very well

The new Toyota Auris Hybrid also comes with the stringent EcoTest the ADAC cope very well. So far, more than 120 vehicles have been tested according to the new framework. The work presented in January of the second generation Toyota Auris achieved immediately, the total number of 91 points and receives the maximum five stars. This was based on a test consumption of 4.53 liters, the equivalent to CO2 emissions of 126.1 grams per kilometer. This has been recognized with 41 points. The maximum number of 50 points was for very low pollutant emissions full hybrid drive.

Toyota Auris Hybrid is the current trend

With the triumph of the Auris Hybrid by Toyota brand leads the statistics, despite the intensified in March last year evaluation criteria for the EcoTest. Stricter standards for CO2 emissions and other pollutants demonstrate that the full hybrid drive technology as the Toyota Auris is available, perfectly meets the demands of the time.

Auris Hybrid consumption based alternative to the NEDC

In addition, when testing was Toyota Auris Hybrid and Co. the entire energy consumption of the fuel source determined by the wheel to allow the customer a better comparison of CO2 emissions of different drive concepts. In addition to the consumption in the New European Driving Cycle is the ADAC also determine fuel consumption and emission values in the real world WLTP cycle, is driven in with the air conditioning on and switched DRL or headlights. Also include trips at highway-directional speed of 130 km/h with full load accelerations of the test program.