A Catalan municipality could name the big SEAT SUV

If the rumors are not misguided, SEAT will bet on a municipality in Catalonia to baptize the large SUV that should arrive in 2018, two years after the Ateca (medium SUV) and one after the Arona (compact SUV).

As you well know, the Spanish firm of the VAG group has the habit of betting on national localities when it comes to naming their cars, something that has always happened in recent years except for the cases of Mii and Exeo.

SEAT has registered the following names: Mallorca, Formentera, Formentor, Barna and Vigo

For now, Abrera and Aran are the two big favorites. Abrera because it is very close to Martorell, which is where the manufacturer’s headquarters are, and Aran because it is a territory of the Pyrenees that would reveal the off-road capabilities of an SUV that should be similar to the prototype 20V20 that we could see in the Geneva Motor Show and Barcelona Motor Show in 2015.

If they do not opt for a Catalan town, they are likely to opt for Teide , the name of the 3,718-meter-high Tenerife volcano that has the privilege of being the highest peak in the country. Be that as it may, they will have to make a decision over the next year, when they will start filming on the streets packed with camouflage waiting to be presented at an important event.

Registered Names

Finally, say that SEAT has registered the following names: Mallorca, Formentera, Formentor, Barna and Vigo . What does that mean? That could also be called that. For now everything is speculation and it is not enough to be carried away by the comments of someone close to the management positions. These types of decisions tend to take several turns until finally an agreement is reached.

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