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The most curious clauses in car insurance

Most drivers opt for the insurance of their car by clauses or coverages type that can go from insurance to third parties, insurance to all risk, break of moons, fires, theft of the vehicle. However, insurance today includes all kinds of Clauses and coverages that can often go unnoticed. For any driver it is essential to thoroughly review all the clauses of your insurance contract, as they can cover a lot of situations that can save you many euros and be enormously practical.

Special or little known coverages

There are many clauses or coverages that include insurers that are little known by the users. One of them is coverage of impact damages against animals. Every year between 15,000 and 20,000 accidents occur due to irruptions or attacks of wildlife on the road. Many companies include this coverage within an extended third-party type insurance.

With the enormous competition that exists today among the insurance companies, many of them have to opt for these special clauses to attract customers

The nightly attendance is another of those hedges little known but can be very useful on occasion. This is a service offered by the insurer to move the vehicle and its driver to your home if you have consumed alcohol. There are certain limitations, such as distances less than 25 kilometers, users under 26 years and time between 12 at night and 7 in the morning.

With the enormous competition that exists today among the insurance companies, many of them have to opt for these special clauses to attract customers . Customers, on the other hand, have on hand tools like a good car insurance comparator that helps greatly to choose the best option that fits their needs.

Getting money in advance

Another clause that is interesting is the one proposed by some companies, to offer an advance of the indemnifications. Up to 30,000 euros per claim some companies offer if certain conditions are met . In addition, in the event that a user has to pay for the repair of their vehicle after an accident, it is also possible to apply for a repair loan.

In the latter case it is a loan linked to a risk and that is granted exclusively in case of an accident with the car. With this coverage, the beneficiary of the insurance is guaranteed to have cash to repair your vehicle in case of an accident.

The most useful tips to save on motorcycle insurance

With motorcycle insurance something like car insurance happens. It is possible to save, but it is not due to the savings to limit or reduce the number of coverages that are essential, nor those that can be more practical or useful in the moments of circulation, or before determined as accidents or thefts.

Here are some tips to save on motorcycle insurance, all of these keys give motorists sufficient guarantees to find the most complete insurance policy, with the necessary coverages and a set price.

Here are some tips to save on motorcycle insurance to find the most complete insurance policy

Have enough information about the market

The Internet is the most convenient and easy way to find information about motorbike insurance. On the information that we are going to find in Internet, it is important to emphasize that it is necessary to filter the available information well. It is necessary to value the information in its measure and always to attend to the reliability of the source from which it comes.

Compare experiences of other drivers

Internet and social networks are also a good tool to strike the opinion of other drivers. Experience of the closest environments; Family, groups of friends, fellow drivers … are a good way to take note to save on motorcycle insurance.

Specific motorcycle insurance

This is a key advice to be able to save on the price of motorbike insurance. It is necessary to evaluate all the possibilities taking care with special caution to those that fit in a concise way and offer a real profile of the needs of the driver of the motorcycle and of the motorcycle itself.

The analysis should include the time of use, the type of road that travels, the technical details of the motorcycle, the aesthetics, the accessories, the fairing … All this draws a perfect map of the type of coverages that the insurance needs.

The exercise of comparing between different companies

This recommendation seems obvious, thankfully thanks to the internet and the web comparators is a much more comfortable and simple task . Whatever insurance is contracted, you should never give up those more basic and practical coverages.

Hire motorcycle insurance based on real needs

The four points above will give a more accurate picture of the actual type of insurance that is needed. Motorcycle insurance must be contracted based on the real needs of the motorist and motorcycle, always looking for savings but without giving up basic precepts.

How to avoid foreclosure of a home

There are solutions to avoid foreclosure of a home, but this is due to act quickly, making decisions long before be no money to pay the mortgage.

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The first thing to do is to go immediately to the bank where we hired our mortgage, amicably find a satisfactory solution that suits our needs. The bank always going to be more beneficial to help us find a way to pay the mortgage and avoid foreclosure to pad your list of delinquent customers.

negotiating a lower monthly payment that fits our chances or agree to obtain a grace period

Tailored Solutions

Among the different outputs that can be set with the bank to avoid foreclosure of the house, is to prolong the term of the mortgage, negotiating a lower monthly payment that fits our chances or agree to obtain a grace period, during which we would only meet the payment of the interest.

Another highly recommended option would be subrogated to the mortgage, which is a widely used system to avoid foreclosure, which is based on moving our mortgage loan to another financial institution that offers a kind of more favorable interest rate or refinance our mortgage with a more favorable conditions than today.

Other options to consider

If you have exhausted all possible avenues to avoid foreclosure, we have the sale of the home in order to pay the amount that remains. This way we avoid that housing is brought into court auction with consequent depreciation and loss of money involved.

In recent times, homeowners, through consumer associations are struggling to payment in kind, ie, the delivery of the property to the lender in exchange for cancellation of mortgage debt is accepted as a method protection in situations of imminent risk of foreclosure.

Tips for choosing a cheap auto insurance

Hiring a car insurance can be a real headache. The amount of insurance on the market and the various products offered complicate the choice. What can you do to hire the best insurance for your vehicle?

In recent years they have begun to operate in all European countries many insurers have significantly increased competition in the automobile sector, allowing drivers to have more options to choose from and benefit from lower prices at different coverages your auto insurance.

Companies launch major advertising campaigns in the media with which you “bomb” every day to capture the most amount of potential customers. And they do it through deals with variety of products and services to contract their insurance coverage for the car.

Pay the premium and require a receipt attesting payment

But you have reservations that publicity that sometimes is not complete and other may be unreliable. By committing to an insurer do you know what you are signing? Do you know in detail the conditions? Are you reading the ‘famous’ small print ? Do you have questions and do not know how to solve?

Keys to an auto insurance

In negotiations with the company, European Automobile Associates (AEA) recommends a series of basic policyholders know in detail all the conditions of the policy is chosen questions.

  1. Can you repair the car in the workshop you want?
  2. If they malfunction? Commanding the crane home without charge?
  3. How much you spend to allow urgent repairs without previous contact the company?
  4. In case of an accident what will be the limit of repair and at what amount is considered a total loss?
  5. What amount indemnify us?
  6. In case of fire , do they pay firefighters to put out the fire?
  7. In the event of theft how long will it take to get paid?
  8. How much money would we?
  9. Will insurance concluded in your country is the same whether traveling abroad? Should your hire or pay some extra special?


Aspects to be considered in the policy

  1. Before choosing a particular company and coverage for car insurance, you have some basics, consider also recommended by the AEA.
  2. Demand everything in writing. Do not trust what they tell us and promises. All this should be reflected in a contract signed by both parties.
  3. Knowing well what the policy does and does not.
  4. Do not just look at price, but also differences. coverage in all risk and third variations usually have up to 40 percent.
  5. Pay the premium and require a receipt attesting payment, you will if complaints.
  6. Annually review the policy coverage, especially if all risk. Vehicle is a product that depreciates, so it is useful to know whether you are paying a higher premium that you can charge compensation in the event of total loss.

Other guidelines when choosing car insurance

  1. You must also consider other aspects before committing to an insurer.
  2. The price. ‘s the main claim of the companies. You must appreciate what you ask the first year, but successive.
  3. Ensure what is contracted. reading us the fine print before signing anything.
  4. Rewards. Knowing what you offer bonuses to recruit and / or maintain your insurance company.
  5. Incidents. Where have an accident, know what is the method used for the assessment of damages. It is useful to know how the estimate was made.
  6. Surcharges. Asking what if you charged suffering several casualties along the year of the policy.
  7. Extras. During the irrigation sure you include all the extras and accessories you deem appropriate to be covered.
  8. Visiting different insurance companies know what their products and offers, to study and compare all the proposals and then choose the best option for your security and your pocket is the best you can do to hire a good insurance for your car.

A car insurance comparison has many advantages

Anyone who owns a car knows: Targeted comparing the different insurance providers can save you money. Quite as easy as it sounds in theory, is a car insurance comparison, however, in practice, not for long.

It lacks too often at the appropriate time and of course also often the necessary basic knowledge. For a comparison must be certain parameters, such as the claims category or cost advantages – which are often granted under certain conditions – into account. Their claims category you can even calculate our table (right).

To solve this problem use our online car insurance calculator quickly and easily. There are necessary only a few information for the calculation of car insurance tariff. Much of this information are processed by automatic suggestions of the computer. Apart from saving time an online computer also has other advantages:

Car Insurance Comparison

  • You get a quick overview of benefits and costs of car insurance.
  • Tenders may be obtained directly and adapted to their own needs criteria.
  • When you buy a new car win a good overview of motor vehicle insurance costs.
  • There are no intermediate stations in the form of agents and thus no hidden costs.

Why a comparison of car insurance worth

Regardless of whether you buy a new car, buy a used car or simply just want to check the current tariff of your insurance – Car insurance comparison provides an all tariffs at a glance, saving you money, valuable time and of course nervous.

In the run is only important to know what data you must maintain in order to compare the car insurance. The most important information at a glance:

  • Your location ID
  • Make and model of the vehicle, and fuel (diesel, gasoline, or other)
  • the vehicle category (eg, sedan, roadster, wagon) and the number of doors
  • the power class (hp number)
  • the date of first registration
  • approximate number of miles / year
  • Personal Information

In addition, car comparison calculator also offer additional options that enable great savings options in individual cases. If all parameters are entered, you will get the results online and choose your new insurance.

Hire a best car insurance for peaceful driving

Hiring a car insurance is not a minor issue. The importance of a good cover for your car and its occupants is in your quiet circle when both short trips and longer journeys by road.

And you must not forget other contingencies that may occur beyond accidents or strokes. On possible good insurance coverage auto discussed below.

When you buy a car, you must consider it as an investment important enough to devote some time to find a good car insurance that suits your needs and save you trouble in case of any eventuality.

Hedges adapted to each driver

Any person who drives knows that there are often accidents can not be avoided. Being cautious it is always going to reduce this probability, but there is zero risk. Therefore, it is important to be well covered in case of contingencies.

find a good car insurance that suits your needs and save you trouble in case of any eventuality

A car insurance may also have coverage in case of theft or damage. In the latter case, the possibility of hiring roadside assistance, which will save you a lot of trouble and money.

But as the profile of each driver is unique, there are certain things adaptable to every need. For example, those professionals for whom the car is your working tool can not afford to be even a single day without a car. For that there are policies that guarantee a replacement car in case of breakdown, accident or theft.

Coverage of cars and people

No matter what your needs, the car insurance provider adapts to what each person needs. Its flexibility offers many different modes to give the insured the most possible appropriate service.

In addition to effective claims management, experts lets you choose the workshop and provides travel assistance and medical advice service 24 hours a day. And if all this were not enough, the best drivers can enjoy if they have no claims bonuses.

All types offer a service of defense fines and legal claim for damages and payment of recovery courses for driving license. But as in a car there is nothing as important as the people who go inside such great car insurance provider that also offers extensive coverage to occupants.

Traveling Tips on Best Car Insurance

As good weather arrives, the travel and trips grow, but before road travel by car, you need to take some security measures for safe traveling. It rests when required by your physical state, leads relaxed at the wheel and be patient to a jam. Remember the following traveling tips to make your travel safe in the car.

It is important that you carry out a review of the vehicle, and especially tires, before starting you on road; make sure that you take with you your documentation, sufficient fuel and water.

Drive the car with caution, travel insurance keep calm and have no rush on the road

-Drive the car with caution, travel insurance keep calm and have no rush on the road, whether it’s in a jam or any other incident, and performs breaks every two hours. Seeks to relax before your trip.

It is important that you make a review of the vehicle, and especially the tires, before you put up during road make sure you bring along your documents, sufficient fuel and water replacement.

-Drive the car with caution, to travel safely be calm and do not be rushed on the road, either before a jam or any other incident, and takes breaks every two hours. Try to rest, before embarking on your trip.

-Plan your trip in advance, calculates the route and knows the state of the roads, to avoid any incident, such as accidents, traffic jams or road works. You know the state of the roads in the website of the General Directorate of Traffic and do not forget to check the weather, for the time you have.

-Gather knowledge of the route, places where there are service areas or gas stations and restaurants, so you can stop and rest a while, especially if you have young children.

Take the precaution of wearing blankets in the car for the unexpected road jam, because if you have a breakdown on the road and you have to spend the night in the car. Do the same with the water and something to eat.

It is important that your car insurance include roadside assistance, who can attend at anytime, but if you don’t have it, don’t forget to bring in your car a hydraulic jack, in order to change the wheel in the event of a puncture.

I hope these tips are useful to travel safely in the car, remember that what matters is to arrive at yours.

Fault in car: what to do?

You may, on occasion, have suffered a breakdown in the car, leave you thrown in either the city or on the road and in this situation you have to act on any of these tips.

If the car leaves you lying in the city:

who is at fault in a car accident

– Indicates fast car breakdown up four flashing and making signs for those who are behind you, know that your car is damaged.

– If you have been stopped in the middle of the road, you must remove the vehicle, not to keep out the other vehicles.

– If it is at night and the road is not well lit, place the warning triangle, about 50 meters ahead of the car, and about 50 meters behind, except that either one-way motorway and has more than three lanes, which need to place the triangle in front. Put yourself also reflective vest. The triangles must be visible from 100 meters before, which is essential to address this breakdown in the car.

– Always carry your phone charger, and call your auto insurance provider if they have roadside assistance to move your vehicle to the repair shop of your choice.

– While you wait, get behind the barrier of safety.

What about you?, Do you know any other measure to solve the fault in the car?

Car Insurance: How to Choose for Your Car?

Choosing car insurance varies according to the personal needs of each and the state and age of the car especially, as well as the economic capacity of each individual. You must distinguish between two main types of insurance: third party insurance and liability insurance.

The third party insurance is the most used, and covers the material and physical damage caused to third parties, but does not cover these same damage on insurance beneficiary or on your vehicle. Note that this type of insurance, you can incorporate additional coverage, such as theft or roadside assistance.

The third party insurance is the most used to covers the material and physical damage caused to third parties

The all risks insurance provides greater coverage than before, but its price is higher and includes the same coverage that the third party insurance, plus other coverage, such as roadside assistance or replacement vehicle and damage coverage, among others.

When choosing this type of insurance for the car you have to take into account the franchise, which is a fixed amount to be paid in each car repair, but it makes the price of insurance down. The amount of the excess tends to vary between 400 USD (300 Euros) and 1000 USD (800 euros).

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Choosing the third party insurance is recommended for vehicles with eight or more years, where maintenance costs are significantly higher, and in case of accident, there is a high probability that the vehicle be given total loss and will low compensation to the owner, so it is recommended one basic insurance for such cars.

It is also recommended to choose this type of insurance for cars from the four years, because even though the vehicle is still in good condition, the economy is resentful because it begins to spend more for the workshop, ITV begins to pay for what if you have had during the first four years all risk insurance is a reasonable safe mode change to third.

All risk insurance is recommended for new or high end cars, although impacts on the economy, especially suitable in case of loss, so you can be the loss of the car cover, and especially to make the payments, if it is funded.