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Guide to calibrate the tires of the car correctly

The tires are a key component of a vehicle must always be checked to improve the performance and fuel consumption, for example, and especially, the safety of passengers. Apart from that, the pressure below the recommended reduces the durability of the tire, at least about 8,000 kilometers.

According to the data, half of the cars that circulate do so with pressure above or below the correct limits. To keep the tires always in perfect condition, great attention is needed. Take a look at some tips to calibrate the tires of your vehicle.

Using nitrogen instead of compressed air to calibrate your car tires can be a great alternative

The first advice is to use the pressure recommended by the manufacturer, since improperly inflated tires can carry a number of consequences for the durability of the product, as well as for other components of the vehicle. Among the problems is the premature wear of the steering terminals, loss of stability in the corners, the increase of fuel consumption, the greater wear of the tires, a heavier steering, and the loss of handling capacity, more accentuated in the center of the tread of the deck, among others.

So always remember to calibrate the tires of your car, looking at the manufacturer’s specifications. This information can be found in the owner’s manual of the vehicle and on the labels distributed throughout the body of the vehicle, such as the interior of the front part, in column “B” and the cap of the fuel tank.

Already with the inflated tires above the recommended pressure, there will be a greater discomfort for the driver and other passengers and cause an increase in the wear of the suspension of the vehicle . The contact area of ​​the tires with the ground also decreases, which reduces grip, increasing the risk of accidents.

Also in the manual and vehicle labels, you can see two tire pressure options: one with two people and one with luggage, indicating the minimum load, and one with several people and several bags, indicating the load maximum. Therefore, as the illustrations indicate their own, the tires must be calibrated according to the weight that the car is carrying.

In addition to the weight, it is important to take into account the position of the tires, since the pressure varies with the front and rear axles. The pressure is always indicated by the manufacturer when the tire is cold (near room temperature). In this case, the air particles inside the tires are more stable. To calibrate under these conditions, the oscillations are small, so the calibration is effective.

To make sure that the tires are cold at the time of calibration, make sure you run no more than three kilometers from your home to the service station, for example. However, if this is not possible and the tires are now “hot” in place, fill them with 2 to 4 psi more than recommended by the manufacturer. It is important to check the pressure every time you are on the road or take a long trip.

Using nitrogen instead of compressed air to calibrate your car tires can be a great alternative. Nitrogen gas can maintain the correct tire pressure for longer and any change in pressure will be very small, if it occurs. As a result, the tire can suffer less wear, since the pressure will remain within the limits set by the manufacturer for much longer.

Many people tend to consider only the four tires of employment of the car and end up leaving aside the spare. If you are one of those people, get into the habit of always calibrating the spare tire, so that it is in perfect condition when you go through a problematic situation, especially on a highway or during a trip.

Therefore, at the stop next to the device for calibration, you must also remember to calibrate the spare wheel. In this case, it is recommended that you calibrate with one or two pounds more than indicated by the manufacturer, since it is stored in the trunk and can quickly deflate because it is not used.

Water or antifreeze: What is best for the cooling system of your car?

In this video tutorial you can see how to clean the cooling system a vehicle. It is a simple action and many will know

You have probably heard this debate on more than one occasion. What is better, water or antifreeze for the engine cooling circuit? Well then we will try to clarify some doubts on this subject. The first thing to say is that the cooling system is of vital importance to your car and that its maintenance should be the best possible.

Because it is responsible for evacuating the high internal temperatures that occur in the engine. Up to 2,000 degrees can be achieved during the fuel explosion inside the cylinders. Subsequently, that very high temperature will decrease when the expansion stroke occurs and in the exhaust phase it will continue to fall to 150 degrees.

The cooling system will therefore be responsible for reducing the average temperature of these elements. Without this system dilations and deformations could be created in different parts of the mechanics. Some examples could be the rubbing of the pistons with the shirts of the cylinders , to burn the gasket of the cylinder head and even that one of the weakest pieces was cracked.

In the cooling circuit there must be a liquid , which will be responsible for absorbing the heat emitted by the engine and therefore that the temperature will drop. That is where our two main options , water and antifreeze liquid appear, and the doubts of which to use. A few years ago, water was simply used, but then came the antifreeze liquids that mix water and some additives to improve their capabilities.

Therefore, yes we can pour water into the cooling system and it will work. However, it will not be the most recommended option. Water contains oxygen (H2O) and therefore may oxidize some of the parts. It also changes state with temperature and this means that it can freeze below 0 degrees or evaporate if it exceeds 100 degrees. Also note that you can not use tap water, which contains lime and could clog some parts of the circuit. In any case, if used, it would have to be distilled water.

The antifreeze liquid will have advantages over distilled water thanks to the additives we said before. This will ensure that the liquid does not freeze until about 30 degrees below zero, in addition to raising the boiling point by 20 or 30 degrees. Another positive point is that we can forget the rust and lime that could accompany running water.

This means that the antifreeze fluids guarantee a better functioning of the refrigeration system and will also improve its useful life. We will also ensure a better cooling with these liquids thanks to its improved properties. Although of course it will be acceptable to use distilled water if we need it or if we have any emergency in order to avoid major evils.

Maintenance in this case will not be very complex. It is advisable to check the level and visual state of the coolant frequently. It must be remembered that the proper functioning of the motor will depend on its cooling. Usually the time to replace it is usually between two or three years , something that will have to be reviewed in each manufacturer’s maintenance book.

In this video tutorial you can see how to clean the cooling system a vehicle. It is a simple action and many will know. In any case if there is a problem of more seriousness in the refrigeration system the best will be to pass through the hands of a professional.

The best tips to clean your windshield

When we finish a trip, especially in summer, or when we have left it several days our windshield always asks for a shouting wash. Doing this is easy, but it may not be as simple as it seems because given the dryness of the environment, removing the remains of either mosquito slaughtered against the glass or removing the accumulated dust on its surface can cost us much more than expected.

In addition, not always that we apply water and rub the remains are removed, but the only thing we do is contribute to spread them over a surface even greater than the one they occupied previously and make the vision even more difficult. This is what usually happens when we operate the windshield wipers and we intend to remove them only with them and with the windscreen wiping liquid of the car.

The specialist repair and maintenance of car glass offers low cost preventive treatments that same as they get rainwater or snowflakes to slide better when falling on the glazed surfaces

You can incorporate Advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS systems) in the windshields, as these have become an important security element that you also have to take care of. Its sensors pick up information through the windshield for the operation of many functions and systems of the car (especially for those who bring us closer to autonomous driving more and more) and just as your vision of the environment is reduced at that time, your Data capture could also be affected. So, bringing the crystals clean and well washed is increasingly necessary.

It is best then to opt for preventive tactics first

The specialist repair and maintenance of car glass offers low cost preventive treatments that same as they get rainwater or snowflakes to slide better when falling on the glazed surfaces, prevent the remains of the insects or the dust that hits them will stick to them. With this, we will achieve that the cleanings are much faster and easier.

The traditional method

If you opt for the more traditional method, water and soap, the best thing to remove mosquitoes is to resort to some cleaning product that we usually have at home and, conveniently mixed with water, distribute it on the surface to be cleaned. It is important to let the product act, so do not proceed to rub immediately but leave enough time before using the cloth.

To distribute the cleaning liquid to be used as well as to rub on the glass you must use suitable elements that do not scratch or deteriorate the surface of the glass. If you use very rigid rags or brushes with very hard bristles, when contacting the elements deposited on the surface of the glass and moving them with force you will move the harder particles and you will scratch the crystal.

If you did what we told you, it will be much easier to remove mosquitoes from the windshield. If you are also in a place where you can use hot water (never boiling, as this can damage or even cause the glass to explode), it will still be easier. Always use a soft cloth or brush with soft bristles and do not exceed the pressure applied on the glass always move them on the surface with rotating movements. If even accumulated insects or dust remains, mixing water with sodium bicarbonate in a microfiber cloth to clean also produces good results.

If what has accumulated on the glass is the grit of the beach that lifts the air, the best system you can use is the same that took you there: blowing air. But of course, not all of us have enough lung capacity for this, nor a compressor by hand. If you rub directly scratch the glass with the consequences already commented. The best thing to do then is to first pour water without too much pressure from the top of the windshield to remove as much of the grit from the same and then clean it normally. In these cases carrying a bottle of water in the trunk is a solution, especially in summer, it is not bad to adopt.

Original spare parts or generic spare parts

All the elements that make up a vehicle have a determined half-life, many of them (those of a more technological nature) even have a programmed half-life, what is known as programmed obsolescence. Well , all these elements from time to time must be replaced to extend the life of the car and that it continues to function properly.

The question we ask is, are original spare parts or generic spare parts? Here are some tips to help you make the decision.

The original spare is always more expensive than a generic spare parts and as a rule

The original spare parts are always more expensive than a generic spare parts and as a rule, the vast majority of generic spare parts can not match the performance of an original ones.

The original spare parts also have the advantage that they are specific spare parts for the car models and that the evolution, the design and the technology of the same goes hand in hand with the one of the vehicle. This does not mean that there are no generic spare parts that are effective, but purchasing an original spare part is an absolute guarantee, in the majority of cases, of total safety.

A practice extended by a good part of the drivers is to acquire original spare parts the first times that they have to face a situation of this type, later, after a few years have passed since they acquired the vehicle, opt for generic spare parts.

On the other hand , the automobile companies are nourished of other auxiliary companies that supply them of elements necessary for the manufacture of vehicles. These companies are the ones who in turn manufacture specific spare parts for companies or generics for any model of vehicle , but they do it always respecting some minimum standards of quality that the market demands them and putting all its technology to the service to generate sufficient income.

As important detail, the American, European, Japanese and Koreans cars have all elements of complete safety. It is true that there will be some isolated cases that do not respond with a guarantee, but as a rule there are vehicles with reliable parts. This is not the case with Chinese originals, the Chinese copy and copy everything they see in the market but with very economic forms that can sometimes pose a risk to driving.

How to keep the vehicle brakes in good condition

The brakes are one of the most important active safety elements with which the vehicle counts . They are used every time you drive and although they are becoming more complete and present a more innovative technology, over time they wear out. So here are some tips to prolong the half-life of these elements.

Tricks to keep the brakes in good condition

First, practice responsible driving. A responsible driving is to drive with less abruptness, respecting the norms of speed of the way, maintaining the safety distance, not committing infractions or misunderstand and especially, whenever possible, to use the motor brake.

The engine brake is a good solution so that the brakes are not hot, it should be used in prolonged descents

The engine brake is a good solution so that the brakes are not hot, it should be used in prolonged descents, in which you can reduce the speed using the gearbox, and thus adapt more naturally to the speed of the track.

Another aspect to take into account are the vehicle witnesses , most vehicles currently have intelligent systems that warn you of wear and tear of the brake system . It is advisable not to let these warnings pass.

Finally, the touch of the pedal is a fundamental clue. If it vibrates, it must be stepped on hard or it sinks, brake pads or discs may be worn, unbalanced or there is a leak in the brake circuit.

As you see, maintaining a calm and intelligent driving can prolong the half-life of all the elements of a vehicle, including the brakes, but sooner or later it will be time to replace them.

A final piece of advice, when it comes to replacing a damaged part of the vehicle and incorporating a spare part, is preferable to leave it in the hands of professional mechanic, or at least in people who have certain notions about this science. On the internet in any case you can see different videos tutorials to carry out these maneuvers.

Things to Keep In Mind To Choose The Right Car Tires

The tires are a fundamental piece to maintain the good condition of the vehicle. This time we will tell you some tips intended to choose well the tires of the car, as the current offer of these parts is very wide. In the market you can find new, prestige or white-brand tires and second-hand or retreaded tires.

As with other sectors, on the internet you find online stores dedicated to the sale of tires. On such websites you can easily choose the type of tire varying between width, height and diameter, as well as specify the type of tire (summer, all seasons, winter, etc.). They also have tires for motorcycles and other parts and spare parts for vehicles.

manufacturers recommend that you use the standard tires fitted with the vehicle

As a general rule, manufacturers recommend that you use the standard tires fitted with the vehicle, this is an option, but if you have to replace them, here are some points to consider when choosing the type of tires.

Meet the side code of the wheels

The lateral code of the wheels is the one that specifies the type of tire that has mounted the vehicle . There are three numbers and two letters : the numbers refer to the width of the tire, the relationship between the height and width of the wheel profile and the inside diameter in inches; While the letters refer to the structure of the wheel and the speed code.

Winter or summer tires

Climatic conditions have a significant effect on the condition of the tires, so it is necessary to know the predominant climate of the places where it is normally circulated. Usually we differentiate between summer tires, winter tire or mixed tire.

Type of driving and firm

Depending on the type of driving you practice you will need one type of tire or another. Similarly, the state of the roads is, along with the weather conditions and the type of driving, another great factor to take into account in the choice of tire.

As final tips, it is important to conduct periodic reviews of tire condition, experts advise two annual reviews. And finally, before starting a long-distance journey, it is essential to check and adjust the tire pressure.

Why it is convenient to do a periodic maintenance of the automatic gearbox

A long time ago, automatic gearboxes seemed like we would only see them in American movies. And you will ask yourself, why only the Americans? The automatic gearbox is the preferred option of the local public for years and years.

We had the feeling that they would only reach the most outstanding versions of the European manufacturers, but the truth is that their popularity has not stopped growing. At present, the disposition of this option has been standardized in practically all the market segments.

From SUVs to supercars, to the SUV versions that are so important in today’s industry. Given how automatic options are proliferating, it is necessary to know what type of maintenance requires an automatic gearbox to avoid suffering an early deterioration or a shortening of its useful life.

The vast majority of people who opt for this version only look at the positive point, that is, the elimination of the third pedal to improve ride comfort. The pulls disappear and the holding that is changing gear continually disappears.

DSG automatic box

Automatic gearbox

However, they are not aware of the maintenance that must be followed so that the gearbox is not spoiled with the passage of time. In Auto Matic are experts in this system, so we recommend you take advantage of an offer consisting of a 10% discount on the maintenance of the automatic gearbox of your car only valid until 04/30/2018 . More info on the promo .

What possible breakdowns can a car suffer with automatic gearbox
The automatic gearbox has different components than a manual one . The objective of both options is the same, but the achievement to obtain a higher or lower gear is different.

Therefore, the faults that a car with manual transmission can have can differ from those of an automatic one . In fact, within the range of automatic options there are different options, as you can read in Auto Matic .

For example, in the Volkswagen group, what was previously called the VAG group, has different alternatives . The change DSG, priority in Volkswagen or Seat, is far from the PDK option, indisputable sign of Porsche, another of the subsidiaries of the group. Now, what are, in any of the modalities, the elements that must be taken into account in maintenance?


The most common are the jerks, the oil losses that serve to lubricate the components that are in continuous friction, the failures in the torque converter, the lack of response and the gait jumps .

Inappropriate gait pulls : This may occur because the drum in which the disks are located is broken. If it is partially touched, it may lead to annoying jerks in driving.
In this case, the obligatory visit to the workshop is recommended for the replacement of the pieces that are in poor condition.

Oil leakage from the gearbox : This problem is usually easily detectable for several reasons. On the one hand, when idling, an unusual vibration will be appreciated that could be eliminated when engaging a gear.


However, the best way to detect a possible oil leak is to see if a stain of the characteristic color of the one used in the automatic transmission system is formed . This, depending on the manufacturer, is usually an intense red and also have an odor that is far from what we are more used to seeing, the engine.

In the best case, if you have only traveled a few kilometers, the leak will be covered and the tank will be refilled. On the other hand, if excessive wear has occurred due to no lubrication , all the components of the gearbox will be checked.

Problems in the torque converter : This type of failure, rare in the industry, has as its main hallmark the impossibility of climbing up beyond the second. Both the first and reverse gear work correctly, so in a hypothetical case, it could be circulated to the workshop if it is located in the locality.

Automatic gearbox oil

As it can be read in the Operational Network of Spanish Scrapping ( RODES ), this fault had special incidence in the automatic boxes 722.6 of Mercedes-Benz .

The torque converter can also be behind a lack of response when stepping on the accelerator . The loss of power when changing to a higher gear could be the result of not having maintained a good maintenance during the life of the system.

In this sense, it would most likely be a substitution of the automatic transmission oil and let it lubricate the entire circuit correctly to see if it works better. However, it is possible that the deterioration had already occurred by the time spent, so we would have to look more closely if dirt and wear require the replacement of some components.

Smell of burning when the gear is engaged : Again, we see again a problem related to the null maintenance of the gearbox. If you know that you have not made the correct substitution of the lubricant fluid of the automatic transmission, it is likely that one day you will start to smell very strongly, as if you were burning.

DSG automatic box

By then, the present oil will have lost all the qualities , so it will end up heating up excessively generating this smell. Performing proper maintenance is essential and this is just another test that confirms it.

Breakage of march : This condition is foreseen to avoid the box of changes, but in fact derives from a failure of the same one. The best way to detect it is by looking at how the shift from a gear to a higher gear occurs while accelerating.
If it goes to point N, that is, better known as neutral, it is because the solution that allows the system to protect itself from an excessive deterioration of the automatic change has come into operation.

Faced with this situation, it will be necessary to go to the workshop to solve a problem that could lead to other more serious breakdowns, which could increase the repair bill.

The conclusion we can draw from all the previous breakdowns is the same as always; Performing a good periodic maintenance of the automatic gearbox.

Air Filter Maintenance

An engine needs two things to run: fuel and air. The air absorbed by the motor must first pass through the air filter. The function of the filter is to retain the impurities without affecting the flow of air entering the engine for combustion.

When driving with a filter in saturated state, engine performance will be affected, which could lead to malfunctions. It would also imply an increase in the emission of polluting gases into the atmosphere. The air filter is crucial for optimum engine performance that can be changed easily and for a good price (between 10 and 40 euros) piece.

replacing air filters due time prevents further damage that would require a major expense for repairs

What is the purpose of the air filter?

The air filter is the first part of the engine intake system. It retains the dust particles in suspension so that they do not enter the combustion chamber.
If the filter becomes saturated and is not replaced, the particles could cause it to penetrate and cause scratches on the pistons and cylinder walls, which would result in premature deterioration of the engine. Therefore, replacing air filter due time prevents further damage that would require a major expense for repairs.

A saturated filter will also block air passage, reducing the inlet flow to the engine. If less air were to enter the combustion chamber, that difference would be covered by a higher fuel input. That is, the vehicle would consume more fuel than necessary, while the power of the engine would be reduced.

In addition, the decompensation of the balance between fuel and air would cause exhaust gas emissions to be polluting, since a disproportionate mixture does not burn properly.

When should I change the air filter?

The major brands of air filters usually recommend a range of kilometers for replacement. However, the truth is that these values ​​can vary significantly depending on the environment in which the vehicle is driven and the time of year. For example, dry areas and dirt roads would dirty the filter first. The same thing happens with the pollen of the trees in spring and summer.

Typically, in each periodic review it is carried out an exchange air filter . But if you want to have a first-hand control of the filter of your car, you will be interested to know that two of the most notorious indications that the filter is saturated is the decrease in power when accelerating and the emission of opaque and dark gases through the tube Of escape.

Another indicator that you must change the filter is the malfunction of the electronic sensors due to the obstruction of the air passage. These include the flow meter and the pressure sensor of the intake manifold.

You can also remove the filter to check its level of dirt. The original color of the filters is usually a light yellow or white. Try shaking it a bit to remove dust from its surface and check the dirtiness of the paper fiber, but do not try to clean it because you could break it. If you decide to change the filter, we recommend you do it through a professional workshop.

Clean the air filter: an option to discard

Cleaning the filter with a blowtorch is a widespread practice among mechanics. However, experts recommend avoiding it, since cleaning will only allow loose particles of dust to be removed, but not those retained in the paper fiber. It is impossible to remove the retained particles without damaging the filter. As the improvement offered by surface cleaning is insignificant, it is necessary to change the air filter when it is dirty and thus contribute to the performance of the engine and prevent further complications.

Why should you change the brake pad of your car?

Brake pad are essential for your safety on the road. Its function is to generate the necessary friction to slow the movement of the brake disc, which is coupled to the wheel and stops it. For this reason, brake pad in good condition can make the difference between a braking in time and an accident.

Most cars have two brake pad per disc, which means that there is a set of four brake pad on the front axle and another set on the rear axle. These brake pad consist of a metal bracket and a lining, which is worn away with each braking, which means that its life depends largely on the number of times you brake and the intensity. Use engine braking is a strategy to protect them , but sooner or later you will have to replace the brake pad front and rear car brake.

the best way to check if need to change the rear brake pads or front is to measure its thickness

When to change the brake pads?

Over time and use, the contact surface of the brake pads wear out, which means that the braking efficiency is reduced and the car will travel more meters before stopping. Fortunately, most cars now have a wear indicator on the dashboard, which tells you when the pads are about to reach the end of their life.

However, there are other signs that the time has come to change the brake pads, such as when you notice that you have to tread increasingly brake pedal to achieve the same braking effectiveness. In fact, the brake fluid is one of the first indicators that the pills have little time to live. When the pads are worn out, the piston of the brake caliper has to move further to compensate for the loss of material.

What is the minimum thickness of the brake pads?

As a rule, it is recommended to check the condition of the brake pads every 25,000 kilometers, although it is important to note that their wear will depend largely on your driving style. You should also consider that the front pads wear out more than the rear ones as they practically work twice as hard.

However, the best way to check if need to change the rear brake pads or front is to measure its thickness. In some cases, you only have to remove the wheel, but in other models you will have to dismantle the brake pads themselves.

Some brake pads have their own indicator of minimum thickness, which allows to evaluate their wear simply by taking a look. In other cases you will have to measure it , considering that when the material thickness is less than 2 mm at some point, there will be time to change the brake pads.

How much does it cost to change the brake pads?

Changing the rear or front brake pads is not expensive as it is an intervention that usually does not exceed 30 minutes, although the price varies depending on the vehicle model and the type of pill. However, you must consider that when you decide to change the brake pad, you have to replace all the same axis. You should change the rear and front brake pad of your vehicle at once. In addition, also make sure to thoroughly clean all parts, lubricate the pins and properly adjust the clamp.