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How the Cars of the Future Would Look Like?

Today’s cars are more advanced, safer and efficient thanks to the Billions of Dollars investment automotive giants put to make them better every year. The question arises, how the future cars would look like and how would they make our travels safer and more convenient? YourParkingSpace did some research in this regard and found the emerging technologies that would be a part of our vehicles in future.

Some of the future car techs you would find in future cars would include safety sensors, theft protection goodies, biometric vehicle access, autonomous driving features, advanced cameras to render 360-degree viewing, precharged brakes, energy storing panels and so on.

For more information on future cars, check the infographic below.

Some of the future car techs you would find in future cars would include safety sensors, theft protection goodies, biometric vehicle access, autonomous driving features, advanced cameras to render 360-degree viewing, precharged brakes, energy storing panels and so on

Audi and Porsche to develop new autonomous driving joint platform

Although they are two brands that belong to the same group, both Audi and Porsche have always operated with much autonomy, making their own decisions without having to be accountable to anyone. Nothing to do with what happens to SEAT, who had to wait a handful of years to launch their first SUV to the market.

The fact is that both brands are willing to approach more than ever to collaborate in a project that aims to save costs and develop innovative solutions. Hence, we are talking about a new joint platform that will respond to such important issues as digitization , electrification and autonomous driving.

Audi and Porsche have always operated with much autonomy

Hand in hand until 2025

The discussion have already begun to negotiate to elaborate a road map that will follow strictly until 2025 . In addition to designing a new platform, they will also launch several modules and components that will use in their future models.

Each will contribute their knowledge

Audi could benefit from Porsche’s advances in electrical matters, as the Mission E concept will offer data of autonomy and spectacular performance thanks to the enormous investment they have made. The platform in which it is cooking is named J1 and not only stands out for what I just said, but also unchecks the competition for the fact that you can recharge 80% of the battery in 15 minutes .
Audi’s electric platform is called C-BEV and will debut in 2018, when they launch the first electric SUV. That yes, it is not a platform dedicated solely and exclusively to that type of models, since it comes from the platform MLB of the group Volkswagen. Porsche have their exclusive electrical platform but at the moment it is thought for cars of reduced dimensions.

Taking into account that Audi would benefit from Porsche’s huge investment in the J1 platform, they are expected to bring all their knowledge in autonomous driving, which are not few at this point. They are working side by side with Nvidia and this summer, when they present the restyling of the A8, they will become the first manufacturer to offer the level 3 of autonomous driving, which is that of conditioned automation.

Mitsubishi Outlander Sport 2018: Direct to the New York Motor Show

Mitsubishi will be planting at the New York Motor Show with the Outlander Sport , which is like a more compact Outlander that does not really look revolutionary lines, as they closely resemble those of the model we all knew.

It can be said that it is sportier by details like the 18-inch alloy wheels it mounts, which is not the only element of its equipment that they want us to feature. Also it is necessary to speak of its automatic air-conditioner, the system of opening and automatic starting, the control of cruise ship or the Bluetooth, that in truth also are not exceptional things today.

Mitsubishi Outlander Sport  will be planting at the New York Motor Show

Surface touches

The strips of LED lights that have added to the front embellish his look, while the grill undergoes a series of changes, both in the part that includes the Mitsubishi logo and in the part intended to cool the engine, which now sports the flattering design Of honeycomb.

From the back it must be said that they have redesigned the bumper . In addition, they have chosen to place a thin chrome strip that is placed between the two optical groups. All in all, the result seems to me correct.

They have not said anything about the engines

On motors they have not said anything. That means that it will continue with the same offer, with a 2.0 liter of 150 hp and a 2.4 liter of 170 hp as options. Both gasoline, of course, and associated with a CVT gearbox.

Mitsubishi Outlander Sport  has automatic air-conditioner, the system of opening and automatic starting

An extra piece of equipment never hurts

Finally, before you see the images of the new Outlander Sport, say that the Japanese will make available to their future customers the Touring pack , which apparently includes a panoramic sunroof, improves the soundproofing of the passenger compartment and includes various safety features Active as the one that mitigates the damages in case of a frontal collision, which warns you when you leave your lane involuntarily or the one that changes from long lights to short and vice versa automatically.

Electra Meccanica Tofino: Three wheel electric roadster

The Canadian Automaker Electra Meccanica has now unveiled a new three wheel electric roadster in Vancouver. The Electra Meccanica Tofino reminds formally of a Mazda MX-5.

The Electra Meccanica Tofino in the MX-5 look is to come 2019 and cost 37,000 dollars

Electra Meccanica is already active with the single-seat and three-wheeled solo in the electric car market. Now the e-car division of the former Italian coach Inter Meccanica pushes a small sports car.
The information on the Tofino is thin. The two-seater is to be powered by a powerful electric motor which is designed to allow a top speed of up to 200 km / h. For the tracking time to 100 km / h, the speed is indicated under 7 seconds.

The roadster in the MX-5 look is to come 2019 and cost 37,000 dollars.

The chassis and the body are made of aviation composites, making them extremely stable and lightweight. There is no data on battery technology, but the range: up to 400 kilometers should be possible with one charge.

The Electra Meccanica is now available in 5 colors. From the estimated total price of approximately 37,000 US dollars, 1,000 dollars must be paid at the reservation. The deliveries are scheduled to start early 2019.

Things that will stop happening when all autonomous cars arrive

There are those who say that in 2020 we will be able to approach a dealer to buy a completely autonomous car. It seems to me an over-optimistic date, especially after Uber’s accident with one of his autonomous cars being tested. It seems that there is still a long way to go.

The autonomous driving would not make sense if behind there was something as big as being able to announce that there will be no victims on the roads again

When you finally reach the degree of maturity necessary to ensure maximum safety for both drivers and pedestrians, some things will stop being as they have been. Things like the ones I mentioned below.

You can not blame other drivers

No more sulking with the driver on duty who has just rolled it. There will be no pikes of speed , in the roundabouts everyone will circulate as it should and no one will wait at the last minute to leave the highway. It will be much more relaxing.

At last everyone will circulate on the right

To the above we can add something that I am looking forward to see someday. I mean, everybody circulates on the right. How much does it cost? It looks like it is. Fortunately, self- propelled cars will be programmed to use the remaining lanes only when you touch forward, something that will clear roads and freeways.

It will end up taking advantage of red lights to search for oil

It’s a classic. With autonomous driving you will not have to look in your nasal cavities while the light is red. You can do it at any time, choosing the most intimate possible so that other drivers will not be scandalized with your search.

Goodbye to traffic jams

From what they say, if all the cars that circulate on the road are autonomous, for which there is still a lot, a network will be created to which all vehicles will be connected so that they never coincide in space and time. That means they will be able to change their speed depending on the distances so they never have to stop. In fact, they say that the traffic lights will disappear.

With autonomous driving you will not have to look in your nasal cavities while the light is red

The DGT’s awareness campaigns will be different

The DGT will stop launching awareness campaigns such as “if you drink, do not drive“. It will not make sense, because we can go party and do whatever we want without having to go home by taxi. Our car will take us as long as we are able to open the door and get it going.

There will be no more BAC controls

From what I have just said, the police will stop performing blood alcohol checks to leave those who are touched in the gutter. That as long as the autonomous cars do not allow the driver to take control, something that should be so in the future so I have commented before the network to which all will connect.

Parking will be easier

Small parking space? As long as it fits, there will be no problem. An autonomous car can park anywhere and you will not have to worry about the maneuvers, something that already happens nowadays thanks to the technologies that have developed some manufacturers.

It is the great objective that is pursued. The autonomous driving would not make sense if behind there was something as big as being able to announce that there will be no victims on the roads again. There are those who applaud evolution because they hate to drive or tire fast, but the truth is that the industry is mobilizing to end a problem that leaves more than one million victims a year around the world. That’s a tremendous figure.

Getting Back in Touch with Your Roots

While many people invest in real estate to pick up a vacation rental, you might be looking at Croatia as a return to your homeland. Thinking of your move in this way can be a beautiful thing, but first you need to make sure that this is truly what you want to do. Of course, there are many reasons to move to Croatia. From the gorgeous coastlines to the stunning mountains, the quaint towns, and bustling capital, Croatia is a very attractive country to move to.

Subaru wants to automatic emergency braking on all cars by 2019

But if you are trying to get back in touch with your roots, you need to first make sure that Croatia is really the right country for you. We hope, for your sake, that it is! Because there are so many great reasons to move to Croatia, many people want to feel they are a part of this beautiful country. But because Croatia is so close to so many other countries with similar ethnicities, sometimes it can be a bit tricky to figure out just which country your ancestors immigrated over to America from.

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Electric Vehicle Technology: Electricity consumption of electric cars

It is not easy to derive the actual consumption and range of electric cars from the technical data for the traction batteries and the drive alone. As a traction battery, the battery is designated for driving an electric or electric hybrid vehicle, since at the same time there is also a commercially available on-board power supply battery, which is known from the incinerator passenger car.

Three-phase AC motors are used in practically all electric cars on the drive side

To compensate for the extreme temperature fluctuations in winter and summer operation in the passenger car area as best as possible, cooling and, ideally, heating of the traction batteries is necessary in order to keep them in an optimum operating range for the efficiency. In the case of corresponding systems, electric cars limit the useful energy for the actual drive. Furthermore, the traction batteries are operated only to a certain extent of their capacity, so they are never completely discharged and generally not charged to a maximum. This is why one speaks of a so-called load window.

According to Nissan and Tesla, according to customer surveys, this battery management of electric car is capable of running between 150,000 and 200,000 kilometers to a residual capacity of around 80%, which is generally considered to be the limit where a traction battery is considered consumed. In addition, a number of car manufacturers are currently developing concepts for the recycling of power cells which are no longer fully capable of being used as stationary storage, for example for households with photovoltaic systems.

Electric charging technology has an additional effect on the effectiveness of an electric vehicle. On the one hand, the charging loss is higher with higher charging currents; on the other hand, rapid charging reduces the service life of the batteries to a certain extent. The temperature also affects the consumption of an electric car. In the winter, charging losses of up to 30 percent can occur – for example, when a tanking process of 15 kWh of battery capacity exceeds 19 kWh, electricity is consumed. And here, too, it will be up to the manufacturers to achieve the most effective loading of their products in order to stand out from the competition.

Operation of the motors in electric cars

Three-phase AC motors are used in practically all electric cars on the drive side. Three-phase alternating current, correctly referred to as “three-phase alternating voltage”, is known in our household as the “heavy current” connection of a kitchen stove. The type mentioned in the technical term “inverter-driven permanent magnet-excited three-phase synchronous machine” has, inter alia, advantages due to less wear because no abrasive contacts are required. The inverter has two tasks: In thrust mode, it converts the energy from the traction battery into alternating current. During recuperation, where the electric motor operates as a generator, it again serves as a rectifier for the charging current to the battery.

Other engine concepts (DC motor, inverter-driven asynchronous motor) are currently playing virtually no role in the electric car. The difference between synchronous and asynchronous motors lies in the operation of the “rotor”, i.e. the rotating part of the motor. In the case of asynchronous motors, the rotor follows the stator rotation field as a function of its function as a generator or motor, i.e. it is asynchronous. In the case of the synchronous motor, the rotor runs immediately synchronously with the stator rotation field.

The world’s first solar car starts rolling

The design and manufacture of vehicles like solar car can help to sustainable mobility and is always an excellent way to protect the environment, not forgetting the great contribution that is made in favor of public health. On this occasion, it has been the Spanish company news Evovelo, the first bet, and first solar car named of , will be marketed in a couple of months.

It still will be a test model , sold around 3,500 euros, a smaller price than is final, about 4,500 euros (excluding taxes). Its launch from next March will be inaugurated, precisely, with the sale of the first 100 cars in beta.

Anti-impact deformation zone, seat belts, hydraulic brakes, lights, anti-pound wheels, etc.

The first hundred will be released in March

The five hundred applications received from around the world to acquire a first test model, selected a hundred , explains Gonzalo Chomón, a founder and director of R & D cooperative Evovelo Malaga.

Among other countries, those first hundred experimental solar cars can be seen on the streets of Spain, France, Italy, United Kingdom and the United States in order to draw conclusions that will help make the final model, which will be manufactured in Catalonia.

How is Mö?

The Mö can be defined as a mix between a mini car and a bike. In a similar way they define its creators when they say that is characterized by having “the comfort of the automobile standard with the benefits of an electric bike.”

As can be seen in the pictures, it is a closed vehicle with capacity for two people and space for some luggage. In relation to its resemblance to the electric bike, including the function of pedal assistance in order to help make exercise. In other words, in addition to sustainable mobility, it is also intended to be healthy.

Evovelo is committed to offering an economically viable alternative through strategic partners and collaborators.

Created with sustainable materials, it looks for the functionality and the care of the environment. A creation that seeks to love the urbanite sensitized to the importance of protecting the environment and, of course, in need of a safer and cleaner bicycle the car to make small displacement vehicle.

Instead of gasoline, it powered by an electric motor that powers a charged, in turn, by a battery solar panels . On cloudy days there is no reason to stay at home, since the battery can be charged through the mains, either directly or by pulling it out.

Its battery is relatively light, enough to carry with it (it has a portable design) and load it wherever we have the plug, either at home or at work. However, and this is a personal opinion, it seems very weak . Perhaps it should reinforce its solidity, more than anything for security, without, however, being light if it were necessary.

This does not mean that you doubt it is not safe, it is only a first impression. A feeling of vulnerability a priori, which does not have to correspond with reality. While considering that has been conceived as an alternative to the electric bicycle , perception then changes completely.

This solar car is a very peculiar vehicle. Both for its design and measurements. It is two meters long and almost one and a half wide by 1.30 centimeters high, weighs 85 kilos and its autonomy is 50 kilometers, ideal for moving around the city. Being certified as electric bicycle, on the other hand, it does not require a special permit for driving, so that appearances are deceiving. In fact, the concept is not that of a car, it is an amazing solar car.


New Volkswagen Saveiro

This is the new Volkswagen Saveiro 2017. In addition to external visual, Volkswagen also renewed the interior, and added suspension modifications and other elements of technology and connectivity.

VW says the new Saveiro is the first of its kind to offer electronic stability control (ESC) and traction (ASR), ABS brakes with off-road function and assistant ramp (Hill Hold). disc brakes stand on all four wheels with ABS, EBD and ESS (Emergency Alert Brake) in all versions.
Images for New Volkswagen Saveiro

The new Volkswagen Saveiro is produced in San Bernardo del Campo (SP) and goes on sale in April in the Brazilian market, with a choice of three bodies, four versions of finish and two engine options. The mechanical assembly remains unchanged, but following consumer demand, Volkswagen increases ground clearance of 166 mm to 198 mm with the lifting of the suspension and the use of tires 205/60 R15.

To give a more robust visual image, Volkswagen completely changed the front with the adoption of a new chapel with two new wrinkles, new bumpers, new headlights with hexagonal features (inspired by Amarok), in addition to the new grille largest and higher. The auxiliary fog lights and trapezoidal shaped design alloy wheels and hubcaps slightly changed. They highlight the hub cover remade with straighter lines and headlights with three-dimensional lens on the back.

Price for New Volkswagen Saveiro

Inside of New Volkswagen Saveiro

Inside, Volkswagen offers four new infotainment systems: Media, Media Plus, Composition Touch and Discover Media. In the first option, the media system is optional for the Trendline version and provides basic functions such as AM/FM radio, Bluetooth with streaming audio and USB / AUX-IN / SD card input. Media Plus is standard on the Highline version and adds CD and can display the resource “Park Distance Control” (when equipped with parking sensors). The Composition Touch is the first multimedia center for the Saveiro line. Color touchscreen 5 “high resolution, provides advanced connectivity features integrated with the MirrorLink system (compatible with Android smartphones). The Discover Media is only in the Highline and Cross versions. Color screen high-resolution 6.33 “touch screen with proximity sensor and brings support for Android Auto and Apple carplay. To add GPS navigation features, you need to opt for Discover Media Plus.

New Volkswagen Saveiro versions

“Robust” is the entry – level version focused on work showing the main attraction of robustness. It offers only a single cabin, double tinted headlights and steel wheels with 15 – inch wheels. The interior is simple, with circular air vents and the same instrument panel. Since the focus is professional, virtually all personal items are optional, including power windows and locks, power steering and air conditioning.

“Trendline” is the next model of the new line offers simple, extended cab, with painted bumpers, dual headlights with darkened mask, front grille in matt black. The interior receives a new instrument panel with larger items and trip computer I-System; power steering, power windows and locks complete the main elements.

Then the version “Highline” presents only double cab, fog lights and chrome side molding. Inside are air conditioning, height and distance adjustable steering column, electrically adjustable mirrors, keyless alarm, multifunction steering wheel, steel wheels 15 inch tires 205/60 R15 and infotainment system “Media Plus “. Volkswagen offers optional support for mobile telephony, synthetic leather seats, alloy wheels and rear parking sensor; interactivity package “Composition Touch” navigation module and system information and entertainment “Discover Media”.

Specs and Images for New Volkswagen Saveiro
Finally the “Saveiro Cross ” features the 1.6 16V MSI 120 hp, electronic stability control (ESC), ABS brakes with function off the road, EDS (electronic differential lock), traction control (ASR) and HHC (Hill Hold control) – start ramp control assistance.