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Original spare parts or generic spare parts

All the elements that make up a vehicle have a determined half-life, many of them (those of a more technological nature) even have a programmed half-life, what is known as programmed obsolescence. Well , all these elements from time to time must be replaced to extend the life of the car and that it continues to function properly.

The question we ask is, are original spare parts or generic spare parts? Here are some tips to help you make the decision.

The original spare is always more expensive than a generic spare parts and as a rule

The original spare parts are always more expensive than a generic spare parts and as a rule, the vast majority of generic spare parts can not match the performance of an original ones.

The original spare parts also have the advantage that they are specific spare parts for the car models and that the evolution, the design and the technology of the same goes hand in hand with the one of the vehicle. This does not mean that there are no generic spare parts that are effective, but purchasing an original spare part is an absolute guarantee, in the majority of cases, of total safety.

A practice extended by a good part of the drivers is to acquire original spare parts the first times that they have to face a situation of this type, later, after a few years have passed since they acquired the vehicle, opt for generic spare parts.

On the other hand , the automobile companies are nourished of other auxiliary companies that supply them of elements necessary for the manufacture of vehicles. These companies are the ones who in turn manufacture specific spare parts for companies or generics for any model of vehicle , but they do it always respecting some minimum standards of quality that the market demands them and putting all its technology to the service to generate sufficient income.

As important detail, the American, European, Japanese and Koreans cars have all elements of complete safety. It is true that there will be some isolated cases that do not respond with a guarantee, but as a rule there are vehicles with reliable parts. This is not the case with Chinese originals, the Chinese copy and copy everything they see in the market but with very economic forms that can sometimes pose a risk to driving.

The six cylinders in line return to Mercedes-Benz

It is never too late to go back to the six cylinders online. That’s what they think at Mercedes-Benz headquarters, where they will bet on a system they started to abandon in the late 1990s, when they launched their first V6 engine.

The most powerful version The six cylinders in line return to Mercedes-Benz

The return will occur in 2017, when the M 256 will roar under the hood of the new Mercedes-Benz S Class . It will be a 3.0 liter biturbo that will erase the V6 and V8 from the map, something that is explained by looking at the data of maximum power and torque that will be able to offer: 408 CV and 500 Nm.

In total there will be four engine mild hybrid (hybrid 48V) for restyling Class S. In all see an alternator and an electric compressor. The first one will be responsible as a starter and main propeller assistant, while the second will be to eliminate the lag of the turbo to improve the response of the engine reaching 70,000 rpm in 300 milliseconds.

The new six-cylinder in-line reaches the variants diesel and gasoline to improve the consumption and the emissions. The diesel will come with variable valve timing and will be made of aluminum, although the pistons will be made of steel. The displacement will be 2.9 liters and will deliver 313 hp, a figure that far exceeds the 258 hp of the current diesel.

The most powerful version

Another that will benefit from the new Mercedes-Benz bet will be the 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 , which will be one of the most efficient V8 in history. It will develop 476 hp of power (27 hp more than the current one) and 700 Nm of maximum torque starting at 2,000 rpm.

It will come very well the technology that deactivates cylinders between 900 and 3,250 rpm, while it will feature an antiparticle filter and a new generation of direct injection. That’s why it can be 10% more efficient than its predecessor despite the power gain.

The most economical version

Finally, say that there will be a four-cylinder engine and 2.0 liters that will deliver 134 hp per liter. It will employ dual-input turbochargers, electric water pump, an optimized intake and a 48-watt electrical system whose mission will be to power the alternator. It will be the most saver of all .

Photos of the new Mercedes-Benz engines

Ask for oil: How to avoid the risks involved in using a poor quality engine oil

The main function of engine oil is to minimize contact between the metal parts, minimizing friction and, consequently, wear. The engine oil is responsible for creating a very thin film between the metal elements, to facilitate their slip. It also acts as a refrigerant where the coolant does not reach, to prevent the heat from deforming the moving parts.

When the engine is well lubricated, it maintains its power and makes maximum use of the fuel, but when it lacks engine oil, or is of poor quality, it lost its properties, the engine suffers the consequences and can even break. Therefore, when changing the engine oil , it is important to ensure the professionalism of the workshop that will take care of it.

One of the most common problems is that the oil does not withstand the high temperatures reached by the engine

What can happen if you use an inadequate or poor quality engine oil?

Always remember, please accept. The choice of engine oil should not be made lightly because if you use a poor quality, without sufficient guarantees, or you resort to an oil that is not the most suitable for the car, the engine will end up paying the consequences .

One of the most common problems is that the engine oil does not withstand the high temperatures reached by the engine. It is important to clarify that all lubricants oxidize when they come in contact with air, but if the engine oil is of quality it will be able to better support this process as it contains antioxidant additives. On the contrary, when it is not of good quality, it carbonizes more easily and drags with it those particles, which increase the friction and damage the moving parts of the engine.

On the other hand, it should be noted that engine oil contains a number of additives that should serve to improve and preserve their properties. These added substances should encourage cold starting of the engine and prevent the formation of coals, sludge and foam. However, the resulting mixture must be homogeneous and balanced since, otherwise, there is a risk that it will over-thick and will not flow or that it will be too liquid and will not form the protective film. In fact, some additives can even cause excessive engine wear.

For all these reasons, it is important that you make sure that the workshop where you are going to change the oil is authorized by the main brands as they meet the requirements that are demanded by the largest manufacturers of vehicles and subject the engine oil they produce to a series of Tests performed on standard motors in extreme conditions of use.

Where to buy Buy guaranteed quality motor oil?

At various oil seller, where they only work with the best brands in the market, in order to guarantee the highest quality at the best price. In fact, they might have different offers and discounts that will save you money if you ask for motor oil as this service also includes changing the oil filter and reviewing 20 basic safety points of your vehicle. In addition, you can count on the experience of their mechanics, who can recommend the type of oil most suitable for your car, taking into account the type of engine, its age and the use you give.

The most expensive faults in a car and how to avoid them

Clutch, EGR valve, injectors, turbo, catalytic… are classic breakdowns that usually cost you ‘one eye of the face’. Whether because the piece fails or by improper use, we tell you how to prevent, as far as possible, greater evils.

In spite of performing the vehicle inspection when it touches, sometimes it is inevitable to suffer a breakdown that affects important parts of our car. Also, of course, there is the misuse of the vehicle. To all this, the aging of the car park does not help, as does the lack of maintenance. And it is that the cars of ten to fifteen years are most suffer mechanical failures, especially problems related to the engine and electric.

Since it is clear that we all try to dodge the workshop, especially to replace or repair an expensive component, there are precautions to consider that can prevent greater evils. We speak of signs that, seen in time, can save us from major problems. Finally, recommendations and clues that will help you recognize the most common symptoms that point to possible breakdowns in expensive parts to fix or replace.

Clutch: eye as you step
change the fuel filter at least every 30,000 kilometers

In manual cars it is one of the elements that most breaks down. To detect that something goes wrong you have to pay attention to noises and abnormal vibrations that may occur to engage or disengage. For example, a pronounced hardness and a long pedal stroke indicate that the part is coming to an end. Clutch replacement can cost, depending on the model, between 500 and 1,300 euros.


Prevent damage to the clutch passes take care of him, releasing him gently to get the fly and avoid, at all costs, pedal in full circulation (even slightly), or keep in gear to drive stopped, clutching, of course, thoroughly . Some taxi drivers, for example, manage to extend the life of the clutch over 300,000 kilometers avoiding these practices or driving in a way, say, “sporty”, with sudden changes.

EGR: exposed to soot

Attention must also be paid to the ERG (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) valve, a modern recirculation system for the exhaust gases. It is located between the intake manifold and the exhaust, so it is exposed to high temperatures and the accumulation of carbon and soot, generated in the mechanical combustion. The main symptoms of malfunction are dysfunction at startup, once pulls up, high fuel consumption, engine flooding, excessive smoke and lack of power. Replace the valve usually cost between 300 and 1,200 euros on average.


One way to prevent damage to this element is circular sporadically above 2,500 / 3,000 rpm steadily and for a few minutes at a speed of 130/140 km / h, or failing that , with the engine warm and running, Accelerate thoroughly a few times in a timely manner. That way, we will burn much of the accumulated soot.

The injectors are solenoid valves in charge of supplying the exact amount of fuel that the motor requires

Injectors: as precise as delicate

The injectors are solenoid valves in charge of supplying the exact amount of fuel that the motor requires. About 14 percent of the most complex breakdowns are related to them. The most common causes have to do with wear, but also with the use of low quality fuel and, to a lesser extent, poorly maintained. Replace the injectors has a average cost of 250 euros per piece in petrol engines and diesel 500 euros.


Properly care injectors passes using chemical additives designed for cleaning, although many brands of fuel include a percentage of additives in their fuel to remove impurities. Also, should not refueled during filling of the pumps. Eye, tank trucks recharge with power removing the sediments stored in the pump, which can end up in the tank of your car.

Similarly, do not rush the reservation: the sludge generated in the reservoir end up reaching the combustion chamber, forcing the pump and nozzle clogging. Care also with biodiesel: absorbs water and moisture, and can accelerate oxidation and corrosion of the components. Often, you may have fungus or bacteria in the ducts that clog and deteriorate the injection.

Finally, change the fuel filter at least every 30,000 kilometers: retains impurities and water from fuel. Doing so is much more economical than cleaning, repairing or replacing the engine injection. And controls the revolutions always traveling at less than 2,000 rpm generate more soot and provoke vibrations and premature wear of the injector system. If you notice anomalies, go to the workshop soon.

Catalyst: filters and injection are vital

Something more economical to repair, although involving a complicated process, is the catalyst, installed in the exhaust system. Its function is to reduce the pollution generated by the gases after combustion. It is a key element, because of its good performance depends on the reduction of environmental impact. What’s more, if it goes wrong we can break down the ITV.


We can perceive fault in the catalyst if we notice a lack of power, the car stalls often clanking at the bottom of the vehicle or out of thick smoke and strange odor from the exhaust. Change the catalyst does not come out for less than 200 euros (many are around 800 and even exceed 1,000 euros). And is that the materials used in its manufacture, platinum and palladium, are expensive.

Use gasoline of good quality and moderate practice driving lengthen the life of the catalyst. Same as bringing the injection system to the test. Even allowing the car to idle for a few seconds before starting it will work well, such as changing the mechanical filters when appropriate and stopping in time any leakage of oil or coolant. Being an element that works at high temperatures, it is necessary to avoid parking on dry stubble that could get to burn.

Turbo: better without haste

Overfeeding, which injects greater flow of intake air from the motion generated by the turbine exhaust gas suffers lubrication failures or excessive carbon powder in your ducts. In addition, as it can reach 750 degrees of temperature and turn at 100,000 revolutions per minute, the heat, the pressure and the speed with which it operates generate an ideal cocktail to cause breakdowns. The price of a turbocharger varies between 800 and 1,400 euros.


Caring for the turbo passes by leaving an instant mechanical idle after starting until the piece is well lubricated (and the same to turn off the engine). Its internal bearings allow it to rotate fast, but as they are lubricated with the engine oil if you turn off the engine it will continue to spin by inertia without lubricant, and you will suffer premature friction and wear. In addition, and especially in winter, should not rise much speed cold (less than 80/90).

Hella develops a danger warning system with interior lights

One of the largest manufacturers of automotive lighting systems expected to be a bridge twenty years where coexist cars that drive themselves and managed by people cars. The transition from a culture of mobility to another is what most concerns the research department Hella.

Aid may mislead

Hella lights strips control systems of movement

Report that the warning notices born with radars and sensors are based on beeps and sirens, and that acoustic shrillness, according to some of the latest research in neurology, produce the opposite effect: an alarm, instead of warn and help avoid an accident, it alters the human being. Cases where drivers nerviosidades react with the protective system and ends up being the cause of a collision occur.

Hella LED all connected

The invention league Hella lights strips control systems of movement, blind spot detectors, objects and pedestrians. And instead of emitting a loud sound from the speakers each LED car lights that indicate the driver which direction to look , because that’s where the danger.

Hella LED strip: It could soon be a reality

A giant Bosch racing advertisers interior lighting

Kristian Doscher is the leader in the marketing department of the German manufacturer of lamps and optics. He has been asked when they see these new ways to report possible incidents to drivers. Doscher sees it easy; technology is already developed. Incandescent headlamps, LED and xenon emerging from Hella are riding the most popular German triad houses: Mercedes, BMW and Audi. But the list is quite larger, and PSA-Peugeot / Citroen or Cadillac, by someone crease across the Atlantic, are his customers as well.

Doscher sees its main contractors may be asking them these advertisers interior lighting in some models 2017-2018 , and extending to the entire catalogs of these brands in less than five years.

A giant Bosch racing

The annual report 2014-2015, reported Hella hundred plants in more than 35 countries . Within the European continent, according to public figures, they have employed 21,689 people. Diversification in its business also includes light beacons at sea and airports. What started in the late nineteenth century has become an international corporation Bosch racing, surely other parts manufacturers most powerful car in the world.

When should you dispose of your car battery

The car will not start, and everything points to a defective battery. Charging the aged can no longer current memory – what to do now? Do not throw the battery in no case in the household waste, but to see that you dispose of your car battery properly.
Dispose car battery properly and reap deposit money
Car batteries contain various toxic substances such as lead and acids and add if not properly disposed of serious damage to the environment. Therefore, the final journey of a car battery does not go into the house garbage bin, but to waste. There are different ways you can dispose of your car battery properly. The easiest way to deliver the battery recycling center is. So you can be sure to have everything you done possible that the current memory disposed of in an environmentally friendly and can give your car with a clear conscience a new battery. About the opening times of the recycling center informs your household waste disposal service or the competent local public office. If the transport before the recycling, it is important that the old car battery in the vehicle to accommodate properly. Make sure that it does not tip over during the tour because the battery to leak able. There is nothing wrong if you place to protect the trunk carpet a thick layer corrugated cardboard, the old car battery, the dirt and may Escaping fluid fields.

Dispose car battery properly and reap deposit money

After you have disposed of their car battery correctly, you will receive a receipt for the delivery. Those can be in the company where you once bought the current memory, submit and appreciate your disposal you Attributable deposit. Of course you will need the receipt and submit it. Therefore, keep your receipt when purchasing a new battery well. In Germany, the so-called battery regulation governs the return and recycling of duty batteries. If you return the old car battery, you get back the deposit fee of 7,50 EUR. What this means for you: You buy a new battery, bring the old car battery, and the seller subtracts the deposit fee on the purchase price. Pursuant to applicable law, the dealer must take back car batteries, regardless of whether you have your bought from him or elsewhere.

Buy car battery – let your old alike since

Because the battery take-back, however, depends on whether the seller has the old car battery in the offer of his employer, it is recommended to exchange the old battery where it was bought. To go always safe and come without problems to enjoy the deposit fee to get. Create a new car battery, without a decommissioned to make, are also computed deposit fees when buying. If you wish to dispose of the old car battery without having to buy a new one, you get logically, the deposit amount paid in cash. It is worthwhile properly the opponent for recycling the disused reservoir of energy, because you do good for the environment and engage even some euros.

How to decorate your motorcycle helmet

Motorcycle helmet generally deteriorates quite rapidly, the art of re-decoration cheaper and provides better results is plotting.

One of the best ways to decorate surfaces that have suffered wear and tear over time is the plot, this technique is widely used by people who do not want to spend much money on a transformation with professional painting and for a motorcycle helmet is ideal place to leave it again.

First steps for decoration

First you have to select the images you want to stick on the surface to be repaired, it is very important that the print size they fit the motorcycle helmet surface where they will be attached.

Motorcycle helmet generally deteriorates quite rapidly

These images can be varied and the key you want to contrast with the color of the helmet. Once lists are there that take them to a commercial site that has a huge plotter printer called, where you will use a material called vinyl to print the selected images.

Before plotting

Vinyl is a material with adhesion and which you can choose any color that will be the basis of pictures, there’s even the option of transparent shade for those who just want to see the pictures without background on your motorcycle helmet.

Once ready images printed on vinyl have chosen is just a matter of creativity. It is important to note that if pictures are desired in the town but only a uniform color is much easier as it is just a matter of buying the vinyl color you prefer.

Process plotted

When the vinyl you are ready to decorate motorcycle helmet, proceed to cut the images or symbols that you want to place on the surface, then a solution of water with a little soap is prepared, and placed in a spray slightly wetted surface of the hull, which must be completely clean.

Now we have to remove part of the paper that is sticky and attach to the surface of the hull in the position and location you want, it should help with a spatula so that no bubbles.

The soapy water is what allows the vinyl does not adhere immediately and to be perfectly smooth. Finally the vinyl glued dried in a motorcycle helmet blow hot hand, let it rest and go.

The Start-Stop System and Changes on Power Systems

The implementation of the Start-Stop system in many of the newly manufactured vehicles is producing significant changes in power systems, starting and charging it is important that the remedial know to avoid problems during surgery on them.

The batteries used in today’s cars, externally similar to traditional, are not of the same technology, so their way to check, refresh and replace can be different. Keep in mind that you should adapt to replace the battery, respecting the protocols specified by the manufacturer for both recharge and for connecting jump leads.

The Start-Stop System and Changes on Power Systems, Load And Start

Due to the need for a good control of the electric power system, the use of current sensors placed on the battery terminals themselves (it is essential to negative). Using this input and output current in the battery itself is recorded for their ability at all times, so there is no risk of starting problems when the Start-Stop system decides to stop the motor vehicle stop. This sensor reports the battery voltage, temperature and current flow.

The implementation of the Start-Stop system in many of the newly manufactured vehicles

Current sensors housed in the battery terminal

In case something happens alternators. Alternators are in the market they need to generate an excitation current, others report their current power generation and others, called drones, receive from another control unit current level generated.

Current sensors housed in the battery terminal

For starters you try to reduce the size, weight and increase reliability, as they must support a larger number of operating cycles.

The Start-Stop systems introduce other elements, among which voltage stabilizers, which prevent voltage drops at times to boot. Since certain comfort and audiovisual devices are switched off during the engine start, if the voltage stabilizers not incorporate certain elements of these systems could end up being damaged.

Brake booster pressure sensor

Because most vehicles use brake assist systems by vacuum (called booster) is vital that the system has a minimum of depression to achieve effective braking, so they put pressure switches or sensors at the entrance of the brake booster, which report the level gap. If you detect a low level of depression (below 400 mbar) engine shutdown or if standing for system performance is prevented, cause his new startup.

One of the priority conditions for the system to work is that the change has not engaged any gear, so vehicles with manual gearbox to position a sensor to report to the system drive with gear in neutral in the case of automatic gearboxes driving this sensor is already installed, so it only makes that information available via the multiplex network.

Gear position sensor

In future posts will delve on the technology incorporated in these systems.

Technological and practical accessories for cars

The cars have become part of the life and as you like to customize everything, always looking to add that special something that will make a difference and make you feel super comfortable. Something practical, but at the same time easy to store and make it look nice.

Chargers for Cars

For this I have prepared a post with a list of accessories super helpful when traveling in the car, very practical and technology for the modern woman who gets up and runs away to leave the kids to school and then straight to work, we to learn more!

Chargers for Cars

It is a super useful for all the different types of existing mobile chargers, music players, laptops etc. bail save you if you forgot to charge them in the house.

Car Organizer

Car Organizer

When you walk into a car, you are not sure if you have flat or not so much watered down to luck. Good thing for this evil has created a series of practical organizers to help us get everything in perfect condition and find things quickly. It can be accommodated in the trunk to get everything much more sneaky and can get others for the same seats.

Car mirror

Car mirror

This can serve as security to see your babies in the back seat and let them feel safe when they see you. On the other hand, it can also be placed anywhere to be able to make-up and fitting your appearance without problem.

Chairs pet for self

Chairs pet for self

This is too great for all those who love animals, but want to carry in those bags for pets, they can bring a kind of chair you are safe and also have fun after all, are like your children!

Tray to eat in the car

Tray to eat in the car

This also would put another item on my list of items to buy. And the best part is that it is multi-functional. It can be useful to use as a food table and also it can be useful to work with our laptop. I would definitely buy it!

Mini kit for the car wash

Mini kit for the car wash

Everything smells rich and is completely flawless. Well, for this there is a mini cleaning kit that you carry in the trunk. What do you think?

Tablet Stands

Tablet Stands

Another thing that I find very useful are the supports for tablet, which is another way of adapting your beloved car in a nice place of work or play. Besides all the amazing and fun things to do with the tablet, even build a party.

Car Bulbs

Car Bulbs

This accessory will save you from trouble if you miscarried and the auto focus is too late, because light our way home, or you serve to any day out with family or friends. Always ready!

Repair car tires

Repair car tires

Another article that I saw was I was shocked this car repairman without lifting the weight of life when we repair a tire. Works sealing the place that is broken and you can save anywhere because it is not very large.

Keys Locator

Keys Locator

Finally, accessory in and out of the car is this keys locator. It’s like a miracle come true. Just put a kind of key-chain our key and if you do not activate the alarm found the car as if it were and we have a second back.

You see, there are countless options to make your car the most comfortable and easy that you can customize for your styles.