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How LED Lighting Works in Vehicles?

Since 2003 Audi presented headlights with LED lighting in the Frankfurt Motor Show. This type of technology has been established and today not only high-end cars are incorporated as equipment standard but it is becoming more common than even mid-range vehicles include different kinds of LED car bulbs.

LEDs have the property of emitting light when current flows through them. They have little light inertia , i.e. very little time elapses since the LED starts to light until it reaches its maximum luminous power and also consume little energy in relation to the amount of light emitted. This makes it a very interesting source of illumination for the headlights of a vehicle.

The process of installing LED headlights is quite simple . In the following video we can see a video tutorial

How to install LED headlights in a vehicle

The process of installing LED headlights is quite simple . In the following video we can see a video tutorial.

In the video we can see the installation of H7 bulbs , but for the bulbs H4, H3 and other types the installation process is similar. To install this type of bulbs, as shown in the video, we must remove the headlight cover, insert the bulb, connect it, insert the connector inside the headlight and close the headlight cover.

Advantages of LED Lighting

In addition to the aspects discussed above, efficiency and low energy expenditure , there are other advantages to opt for LED headlights.

One of them is its half-life, which can be extended by thousands of hours , even reaching the life of the car. The LED headlamps also do not melt like a conventional headlamp, unless there is an electrical problem. When they reach the end of their useful life they are losing intensity.

On the other hand, LED lighting allows smaller and narrow headlights to be designed , so car designers can take advantage of this circumstance to make better use of space or have more freedom in shaping this part of the vehicles.

A detail in which not everyone falls but that is very important is that LED lighting decreases eye fatigue, since the light they project is white light , something fundamental if you have to drive for long periods of no light.

Microsoft will help the Google China to create its first autonomous vehicle

Microsoft will work and help the Chinese search service Baidu Internet, also known as the “Chinese Google” to develop an autonomous vehicle. The two companies announced in a statement the agreement and the new cooperation.The Bill Gates company will operate its "intelligent cloud", a series of IT services in the field of artificial intelligence

The company founded by Bill Gates is No. 50 to join the Apollo Alliance , launched by Baidu strategy for competition among technology companies. In addition, Microsoft will participate with its technology of “intelligent cloud” called Azure, which is a set of IT services in the field of artificial intelligence. ” With Azure, our partners outside of China have access to a reliable public cloud that will allow them to focus on innovation rather than building your own cloud system ,” said Ya-Qin Zhang, the director of Baidu, which has already it demonstrated its first prototype of a vehicle without a driver at the end of 2015.

A partnership for autonomous driving

“We are excited about this partnership with Baidu and you can take a big step to help manufacturers and automotive suppliers to discover the promise of autonomous driving ,” said Kevin Dallas, Microsoft’s vice president. “The media today have an impressive level of sophistication when it comes to capturing the data capacity. By applying our global cloud of artificial intelligence, machine learning and neural networks, we can accelerate the work that had been done to make the safest autonomous vehicles. ”

According to McKinsey, up to 15 percent of new cars sold in 2030 will be completely independent, which drives the need for an ecosystem of partners to work together in support of a common goal. Baidu announced in the month of April 2017 Apollo, an open platform that provides the complete solution, safe and reliable to support all the major features and functions of an autonomous vehicle. The project, named after the historic moon landing program, describes its scope and its complexity.

More than 50 partners from a wide range of sectors who joined Apollo Alliance, including TomTom , the leading navigation service and global mapping; Tier One suppliers Bosch and Continental; and Grab, the leading platform in Southeast Asia travel with a car.

Reasons why the air conditioning system does not cool the car

The air conditioning does not cool the car
There are several possibilities by which the air conditioning of a vehicle stops cooling, preventing proper air conditioning during the hottest months of the year. Although the most common is the lack of enough gas in the car to cool the air, the range of options is much wider than it might seem at first, so it is more appropriate to detect that the air conditioning of the car does not cool is to go to our workshop as soon as possible.

Improper air conditioning of the vehicle during the summer months, can even affect the safety of its members, not having the most appropriate conditions for driving. What a priori may simply seem an uncomfortable situation, may end up degenerating untimely distractions or fatigue in the driver. Therefore, always try to drive is the most appropriate conditions with a temperature of the interior of the vehicle that is around 20 degrees.

Possible causes why the air conditioner stops cooling

As we have commented, the lack of gas is the most usual option. This may be due to a possible leak in the pipes and pipes that transport it. But this cause is not the only one possible. Another mechanical failure that can degenerate in the lack of cooling of the air conditioner is some leakage of refrigerant. To be sure of this possibility, it should be checked for oil stains around the system ducts. In this case, the conduits should be replaced with new ones.

The third possible alternative is a clogging of the filters due to dirt. To avoid this, it is advisable to periodically maintain the vehicle by changing the air filters every so often or, if necessary, clean the filters to get the correct vehicle climate control again. The absence of cold air can also be due to the accumulation of dirt in the indoor fan, plugging its slits and negatively affecting the correct air flow when activating this function. One of the symptoms to detect that it is a problem related to the fan, is an unpleasant smell when activating the air conditioning inside the vehicle.

Another of the fundamental pieces in relation to the operation of air conditioning is the outdoor exchanger. The accumulation of dirt particles in the same causing its clogging increases the pressure of the gas causing the air does not cool and leaves at room temperature. That is why it is so important to clean it at least once a year, preferably before the change of season.

In the cases in which when activating the air conditioning begins to be heard a strange vibration, it is usually due to the compressor of the vehicle is damaged. If this is the case, it is advisable to confirm this diagnosis with the help of professionals and, if necessary, repair or replace the compressor. A correct maintenance of the vehicle in which the mentioned components are reviewed with certain periodicity, will avoid possible unpleasant situations to the driver and companions in relation to the air conditioning of the car during the hottest months of the year.

Sometimes, it is enough simply to recharge the gas in the air system in the workshop so that the car’s air conditioning cools, but as we can see, there are many other possible causes. Therefore, before the first symptoms of breakdown, it is advisable to request the help of professionals who carry out an in-depth diagnosis and determine where the problem comes from.

As we say, sometimes it will be enough to tune the ear or nose to detect the breakdown in time.

Hella develops a danger warning system with interior lights

One of the largest manufacturers of automotive lighting systems expected to be a bridge twenty years where coexist cars that drive themselves and managed by people cars. The transition from a culture of mobility to another is what most concerns the research department Hella.

Aid may mislead

Hella lights strips control systems of movement

Report that the warning notices born with radars and sensors are based on beeps and sirens, and that acoustic shrillness, according to some of the latest research in neurology, produce the opposite effect: an alarm, instead of warn and help avoid an accident, it alters the human being. Cases where drivers nerviosidades react with the protective system and ends up being the cause of a collision occur.

Hella LED all connected

The invention league Hella lights strips control systems of movement, blind spot detectors, objects and pedestrians. And instead of emitting a loud sound from the speakers each LED car lights that indicate the driver which direction to look , because that’s where the danger.

Hella LED strip: It could soon be a reality

A giant Bosch racing advertisers interior lighting

Kristian Doscher is the leader in the marketing department of the German manufacturer of lamps and optics. He has been asked when they see these new ways to report possible incidents to drivers. Doscher sees it easy; technology is already developed. Incandescent headlamps, LED and xenon emerging from Hella are riding the most popular German triad houses: Mercedes, BMW and Audi. But the list is quite larger, and PSA-Peugeot / Citroen or Cadillac, by someone crease across the Atlantic, are his customers as well.

Doscher sees its main contractors may be asking them these advertisers interior lighting in some models 2017-2018 , and extending to the entire catalogs of these brands in less than five years.

A giant Bosch racing

The annual report 2014-2015, reported Hella hundred plants in more than 35 countries . Within the European continent, according to public figures, they have employed 21,689 people. Diversification in its business also includes light beacons at sea and airports. What started in the late nineteenth century has become an international corporation Bosch racing, surely other parts manufacturers most powerful car in the world.

Ford to upgrade your entertainment system includes Siri Eyes

Ford is the latest automaker to add Siri Eye for free voice control. The Blue Oval is launching this feature through a software upgrade for vehicles equipped with synchronization systems and MyFord Touch infotainment, dating back to the 2011 model year.

The update will cover more than five million vehicles, Ford said. While rival Chevrolet was one of the first auto makers to offer Siri Eyes Free, Ford has largely avoided the connectivity features keyed to specific smartphones operating systems so far.

Ford initially revealed the Sync version 3.8 update with Siri Eyes Free

Siri Eyes of MyFord Touch infotainment essentially allows the integration of voice command system of Apple in the infotainment system on board the car. It has been seen as an advantage, since it allows users to control certain functions of smartphones that use more ergonomic controls that car. The idea is to keep drivers without hands on their phones while on the move, helping to minimize distraction.

Once drivers synchronize a compatible iPhone, Siri can be activated by pressing the voice recognition on the steering wheel. They can then “talk” to Siri in much the same way they use generic voice control qye already offered with Ford infotainment systems. Eye Siri can perform tasks such as calls, set reminders, checking the time, listen to music, send and read text messages, and get directions through Apple Maps.

Ford says the update is compatible with models from 2011 to 2016, which should mean that drivers can add Siri Eyes if they have older systems MyFord Touch, or the new Sync system 3, which launched in 2016. This will try to remedy many of the criticisms of MyFord Touch (intuitive interfaces).

MyFord Touch is available on most Ford models, and the automaker plans to replace heavily on the 2016 Ford models also offer similar systems with its luxury division Lincoln, although the company did not specifically say whether Siri will be added Lincoln models as part of this update.

Volvo: preparing an anti-collision system for Kangaroos

The Swedish Volvo are expected to develop an anti-collision system for kangaroos, an animal that is the focus of every year about 20 thousand collisions, with requests for reimbursement of up to $ 53 million.

One of the major risks to a motorist in Australia is colliding with a kangaroo. After all, each context has its risks. And that’s why Volvo has announced plans to develop a technology for cars that will sell in the main country of Oceania to avoid accidents with large marsupial.

a technology for cars that will sell in the main country of Oceania to avoid accidents with large marsupial

According to data of the insurance companies of Australia, the kangaroo is the animal that most often cause road accidents. It can run at a speed of 60 km per hour, thanks to its powerful legs. “In Sweden we did a research involving animals pou large and slower, like moose or cows, which are a serious threat on our roads. But kangaroos are the least of these animals and more unpredictable”, explained the engineer Martin Magnusson of Volvo Cars. Volvo, owned by China’s Geely, said that a team of specialist engineers booby security departed from Sweden this week and went in the Australian capital, Canberra, to film the behavior of kangaroos, collect data, in order to then develop software for radar sensors that scandiscano the road and activate the brakes to avoid kangaroos. The insurance company NRMA Australian He said that every year there are 20 thousand collisions between cars and kangaroos to requests for reimbursement by $ 53 million.

Maybe the new anti-collision system for kangaroos we can already see it on the next Volvo S90, which should be out later this year, first in China and then on all other markets by the end of 2016 . There are no surprises in terms of design for the new Volvo V90, since the front fascia seems to be taken from the S90, while the back, with the massive taillights, will be inspired to Summer Concept.

Subaru EyeSight Driver Assistance arrives in 2013

Subaru begins to increase its efforts to provide security for drivers and pedestrians by EyeSight technology. Subaru begins to strengthen its care technology for drivers by including the EyeSight system technology that will be shown next month at the New York Auto Show. The first time EyeSight Driver Assistance was observed in the Impreza Concept unveiled at the Los Angeles Auto Show 2010. It should be clarified that this technology has been in the Japanese models since 2008, but not for the rest of the world.

The EyeSight system is a technology that aims at supporting the driver like a second pair of eyes. By using stereo cameras mounted on the rearview mirror, you can determine the distance that a vehicle is or pedestrians ahead. Subaru has stated that at a speed of 19mph the system is able to detect any obstacles and can even activate the brakes to slow the vehicle stops if the driver does not do it on time.

Subaru EyeSight Driver Assistance

When the speed exceeds 19mph, the system can still activate the brakes if it detects an object or another vehicle, but need to stop the vehicle completely but just slow down. The effect generated this help system is very similar to that seen in the “Volvo Pedestrian Detection” and some of the functions of the “Mercedes Benz Distronic Plus System“. It is good to the recent comparison considering that both are “Premium” brands, as Subaru has begun to increase their security efforts offering EyeSight at a very affordable price.

Other features EyeSight system is the lane change warning and cruise control. The adaptive cruise control system operates at speeds from 1mph to 87mph, coming to stop the vehicle completely if required. This system will be initially offered in 2013 models Outback wagon and Legacy sedan, but can be expanded to other models future.

GPS on the windshield of your car to avoid distractions

The HUD (Head-Up Display) is one of the most successful elements in high-end cars. See the information in your path and some parameters of the trip in the car windshield keeps you distracted by the GPS screen. Although this system is now available in many cars, Garmin has created a gadget for anyone of you to enjoy this technology.

The current GPS devices are pretty fundamental in any car because they help you to reach your destination safe and faster. However, it also has some disadvantages such as the need to look more or less constant the TV screen to check the route. This can cause distractions and greater evils, so that Garmin has decided to launch a gadget that will project onto your windshield all the information you need, Garmin HUD.

Garmin HUD GPS to avoid distractions

Garmin HUD works with a smartphone, either iOS, Android or Windows Phone, via Bluetooth and requires a small semitransparent plate glass windshield in order to project the correct images both day and night. This system provides information on the next turn, the distance traveled, current speed and the speed limit of the road on which we circulate. It is best to not require a fixed installation, so you can use one of these gadgets on any vehicle.

Head-Up Display is one of the most successful elements in high-end cars

Garmin HUD also has the ability to warn you about radar or small problems with traffic on a specific road. Of course, if you want to stay out of battery soon, you will have to charge your smartphone while using it as a GPS next to HUD. In this way, the company specializes in geo-location systems allows anyone to use one of these interfaces in your vehicle while not high end, but it is also true that this technology has been present several years in firms less luxurious cars as Citroën.

The Garmin HUD price is $ 130, just over 100 euros, but unfortunately only available in the U.S., at least for now. However, you also have to add the application support either Garmin Street Pilot or NAVIGON, with an approximate price of 23 euros.

What is a Clean Diesel engine?

All you have ever suffered an attack of some squid on the road. I do not mean an alien, but a vehicle with diesel engine was not good thing and gave you a black smoke that darkened the sky. Contamination is not dangerous, as you see, even more.

A diesel engine has turbo or not, is more polluting or less depending on their emissions of unburned hydrocarbons

A diesel engine has turbo or not, is more polluting or less depending on their emissions of unburned hydrocarbons (HC), nitrogen oxides (NOx), particulate matter (PM) and sulfur oxides (SOx). Go over your minicourse air pollution, the CO2 is unimportant, as it is not a pollutant gas.

Successive antipollution regulations have been gradually putting an end to this, but especially in the U.S. and Japan. It was not to sell or one in those countries. The manufacturers’ response to this challenge is called Clean Diesel. How far is it?

The case of the United States and Japan

Why in these countries, diesel engine has had so little success? From the 70s began to regulate the emissions issue, and clearly these engines were losing. The gasoline used tetraethyl lead also fell short, precisely.

In the Japanese case, it began to harden both legislation that manufacturers began to remove diesel catalogs, until they completely disappear in 2007.

In the U.S., the laws were very difficult to beat for the Diesel, so gradually faded away. They left a very bad reputation among drivers, just look at the topics that exploits this announcement of BMW 335d Clean Diesel aired on Super Bowl 2011.

And in Europe, what?

The old continent, which has always walked little oil, began to use more and more oil, especially from the technological advances of the late 80s and early 90s: appears Turbodiesel and Fiat invented Common Rail (the direct injection). Gradually, the oil begin to compete with gasoline.

In the early 90’s are Euro regulations, which introduce fuel injection in gasoline, catalytic converters and unleaded fuel. Later, the Diesel also start using catalysts, from Euro 2. In 2001 appears Euro 3, Euro 4 in 2004, and in 2011 Euro 5.

However, European legislation is softer than the Japanese or American, to Euro 4 did not begin to be widespread use of the particulate filter (DPF or FAP). Now no Diesel comes without it. Manufacturers began to improve the engines to the point of eclipsing the gasoline in some countries.

How to reduce pollution from diesel engines?

The first problem comes from the fuel, usually contains sulfur diesel, and this generates the SOx when burned. In U.S., Japan and Europe has gradually adopted the low sulfur diesel. The diesel “expensive” just has sulfur in its composition, is more expensive to refine, but pollutes less.

To reduce NOx and HC takes the catalyst, which converts most polluting exhaust gases of nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide: they are present in normal air. Obviously, the better the engine, the less it depends on the work of the catalyst. For example, the famous EGR reduce NOx.

There remains the issue of particulate matter (PM), which are reduced with particulate filters, accumulating them and frying them after a while. Fail to remove the smaller particles (PM10 or less) but big neutralize, which are trapped in the filter. When burned gases become safer.

Here’s how the urea injection system

There are more technical, such as selective catalytic reduction (SCR), which leads to the famous urea, a compound that is injected after combustion to convert NOx gases cleaner. This system requires a urea tank to be recharged in the reviews, commercially usually it is called AdBlue.

The Clean Diesel engines use all these techniques to minimize emissions and overcome the toughest environmental regulations. In Europe that come with Euro 6 (2014), but in the U.S. and Japan already have gone before Europe.

Only U.S., partnered BMW with Daimler and Volkswagen to create a range of engines cleaner than normal. The result of this union has come a range of models that not only boast performance or low energy, also exceptionally clean, now they can fill up with a very low sulfur diesel (ultra-low-sulfur diesel or ULSD).

Audi Clean Diesel Range communion dressed in pure white and wicked

Clean Diesel models List
By default, all these models are for North America, including the latest developments in the Hall of Los Angeles and upcoming releases:
Audi A3 2.0 TDI, A6 3.0 TDI, A7 3.0 TDI, A8 3.0 TDI, Q5 3.0 TDI, Q7 3.0 TDI
BMW: 335d (E90 model), X5 xDrive35d
Mazda: Mazda6 2.2 SKYACTIV -D (2014)
Nissan X-Trail 2.0 dCi (Japan)
Mercedes-Benz: E 320 BlueTEC, GL 320 BlueTEC, ML 320 BlueTEC, R 320 BlueTEC
Volkswagen: Golf 2.0 TDI, Jetta 2.0 TDI, Touareg 3.0 TDI

All these models are considerably cleaner than their European counterparts. Some can be ordered in Europe, but as they have sophisticated anti-pollution systems are more expensive. For example, the Audi Clean Diesel 1500-2000 euros typically cost more, identical performance and consumption.

Can you infer that diesel cars sold in Europe are dirty? Yes and no, comply with regulations. Good maintenance of the car depends keep emissions in check. When you see a squid, you know the case that the owner makes the car or going to the workshop. Have a squid? NOT HERE!