China and electric cars: Beijing OKs the Nissan Leaf

Nissan Motor Co. has received permission from China to sell the Leaf in the Asian giant. After a press conference at the Nissan headquarters in Yokohama, Kimiyasu Nakamura, president of Dongfeng Motor Co., said that Nissan will be the first car manufacturer to import an electric vehicle in China, though he said he began to be imported.

China and electric cars Beijing OKs the Nissan Leaf

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Nissan, the second largest Japanese automaker after Toyota, currently builds the Leaf in Oppama, Japan, and plans to start producing in the coming months at its plant in Tennessee (USA) and the United Kingdom. Additionally, Nakamura said that if sales of Leaf come to shoot in China, sooner or later it will begin producing electric vehicles in that country.

Nissan began selling the Leaf in December last year and has sold over 11,000 units worldwide, according to company statement. The automaker plans to introduce seven additional electric models by 2016 and aims at sales of 1.5 million electric vehicles in the next six years at the hands of its French partner Renault SA.

China and electric cars Beijing OKs the Nissan Leaf

China is the largest market for Nissan, which owns a 6.2 per cent of all cars sold in the country, so that an important part of the plan the Japanese company has in this market is to launch a low-cost electric vehicle with a projected 2.3 million units to be sold in 2015.

Can you imagine that the explosive Chinese market is targeted to renewable energy consumption for transport? could be the final impetus needed by the world for mass electric cars.

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