The tires are a fundamental piece to maintain the good condition of the vehicle. This time we will tell you some tips intended to choose well the tires of the car, as the current offer of these parts is very wide. In the market you can find new, prestige or white-brand tires and second-hand or retreaded tires.

As with other sectors, on the internet you find online stores dedicated to the sale of tires. On such websites you can easily choose the type of tire varying between width, height and diameter, as well as specify the type of tire (summer, all seasons, winter, etc.). They also have tires for motorcycles and other parts and spare parts for vehicles.

manufacturers recommend that you use the standard tires fitted with the vehicle

As a general rule, manufacturers recommend that you use the standard tires fitted with the vehicle, this is an option, but if you have to replace them, here are some points to consider when choosing the type of tires.

Meet the side code of the wheels

The lateral code of the wheels is the one that specifies the type of tire that has mounted the vehicle . There are three numbers and two letters : the numbers refer to the width of the tire, the relationship between the height and width of the wheel profile and the inside diameter in inches; While the letters refer to the structure of the wheel and the speed code.

Winter or summer tires

Climatic conditions have a significant effect on the condition of the tires, so it is necessary to know the predominant climate of the places where it is normally circulated. Usually we differentiate between summer tires, winter tire or mixed tire.

Type of driving and firm

Depending on the type of driving you practice you will need one type of tire or another. Similarly, the state of the roads is, along with the weather conditions and the type of driving, another great factor to take into account in the choice of tire.

As final tips, it is important to conduct periodic reviews of tire condition, experts advise two annual reviews. And finally, before starting a long-distance journey, it is essential to check and adjust the tire pressure.