Tips for choosing a cheap auto insurance

Hiring a car insurance can be a real headache. The amount of insurance on the market and the various products offered complicate the choice. What can you do to hire the best insurance for your vehicle?

In recent years they have begun to operate in all European countries many insurers have significantly increased competition in the automobile sector, allowing drivers to have more options to choose from and benefit from lower prices at different coverages your auto insurance.

Companies launch major advertising campaigns in the media with which you “bomb” every day to capture the most amount of potential customers. And they do it through deals with variety of products and services to contract their insurance coverage for the car.

Pay the premium and require a receipt attesting payment

But you have reservations that publicity that sometimes is not complete and other may be unreliable. By committing to an insurer do you know what you are signing? Do you know in detail the conditions? Are you reading the ‘famous’ small print ? Do you have questions and do not know how to solve?

Keys to an auto insurance

In negotiations with the company, European Automobile Associates (AEA) recommends a series of basic policyholders know in detail all the conditions of the policy is chosen questions.

  1. Can you repair the car in the workshop you want?
  2. If they malfunction? Commanding the crane home without charge?
  3. How much you spend to allow urgent repairs without previous contact the company?
  4. In case of an accident what will be the limit of repair and at what amount is considered a total loss?
  5. What amount indemnify us?
  6. In case of fire , do they pay firefighters to put out the fire?
  7. In the event of theft how long will it take to get paid?
  8. How much money would we?
  9. Will insurance concluded in your country is the same whether traveling abroad? Should your hire or pay some extra special?


Aspects to be considered in the policy

  1. Before choosing a particular company and coverage for car insurance, you have some basics, consider also recommended by the AEA.
  2. Demand everything in writing. Do not trust what they tell us and promises. All this should be reflected in a contract signed by both parties.
  3. Knowing well what the policy does and does not.
  4. Do not just look at price, but also differences. coverage in all risk and third variations usually have up to 40 percent.
  5. Pay the premium and require a receipt attesting payment, you will if complaints.
  6. Annually review the policy coverage, especially if all risk. Vehicle is a product that depreciates, so it is useful to know whether you are paying a higher premium that you can charge compensation in the event of total loss.

Other guidelines when choosing car insurance

  1. You must also consider other aspects before committing to an insurer.
  2. The price. ‘s the main claim of the companies. You must appreciate what you ask the first year, but successive.
  3. Ensure what is contracted. reading us the fine print before signing anything.
  4. Rewards. Knowing what you offer bonuses to recruit and / or maintain your insurance company.
  5. Incidents. Where have an accident, know what is the method used for the assessment of damages. It is useful to know how the estimate was made.
  6. Surcharges. Asking what if you charged suffering several casualties along the year of the policy.
  7. Extras. During the irrigation sure you include all the extras and accessories you deem appropriate to be covered.
  8. Visiting different insurance companies know what their products and offers, to study and compare all the proposals and then choose the best option for your security and your pocket is the best you can do to hire a good insurance for your car.

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