Classic Recreations Shelby GT350CR, first details

Classic Recreations has just published the first details about its Shelby GT350CR, a vehicle that will build models original Mustang of 1965 and 1966 that will be completely restored, but under your skin added a large number of modern components and technology as the latest batch of High performance brakes type or suspensions coilover and can also opt for a sports exhaust, a limited slip differential or manual Tremec transmissions.

Classic Recreations Shelby GT350CR, first details

Under the hood, Classic Recreations will offer a 7.0 liter 553 hp V8 as an option for access to the range, but for anyone who is not happy with this amount of power can also choose the version supercharged that develops 654 hp . For the burned, 7 liters will also receive a set of twin turbocharging that increases the power up to 1014 hp. That’s nothing.

The price of this modern classic of the $ 119,000 (about 84,000 euros) but the list of options is infinite calipers six pistons, adjustable suspension , 18-inch wheels, different sizes of tire, GPS locator, DVD browser, leather and even a conversion to right hand drive for about $ 12,500.


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