Continuing rumors about a Ford Fiesta RS 2016 or 2017

Last Christmas we were writing on this subject; this year about the same time the rumor mill makes circular currents on the possible new Ford Fiesta RS.

The department of Ford Performance neither affirms nor denies, as we were twelve months earlier. Fiesta 2008 model is the half of its lifeline, safe and healthy, and the ST 182 hp released in 2013. Taking the pulse of what typically last generations of entrenched patterns of a catalog, we can surmise that still continue until 2017. If true the arrival of a RS, it would be just before the handover of the current party to the next.

2017 Ford Fiesta RS Rendered: A Mighty Mite that Might Just Happen

Similar to the Focus ST engine

British and German speculation mention the 2.0 EcoBoost tuned around 225 hp, an issue that would leave too close to the Focus ST a price difference somewhat limited. This would make a fitting model, without too many sales in a market like the Spanish, but work as a demonstration of power.

Contained price if you look at the competition

A Party would stop competitors RS side as the Clio Sport or the Peugeot 208 GTi, which has already won their hands in units shipped. Rather it points to a Nissan Juke Nismo (218 hp), a Mini John Cooper Works (289 hp) Audi S1 (231 hp), or an Opel Corsa OPC (207 hp). Ford would be willing to provide engineering forces couples to a slightly lower price .

In any case, they would always be something more than € 30,000 , and within employee’s cars and trucks, for that figure for vehicles that are more useful long and have ample muscle. The same Ford Focus ST, both five-door body and family, would be a good example.

RS Party itself would be desirable for small private teams involved in competitions without all-wheel drive cars on European tracks.

It will come true?

Possible within a mechanical and viable plan for factories, yes it is. The EcoBoost engine 2.0 is shown as a multifaceted, welcoming good reforms that put at between 200 and 300 hp without appearance of fragility; It is working well in the Fiesta World Rally Championship . At last, we planted in the exact end of the previous year; gossip persists, and grow drawings and computer generated photos every week. Our photos, for now, are the Fiesta WRC.

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