The car will not start, and everything points to a defective battery. Charging the aged can no longer current memory – what to do now? Do not throw the battery in no case in the household waste, but to see that you dispose of your car battery properly.
Dispose car battery properly and reap deposit money
Car batteries contain various toxic substances such as lead and acids and add if not properly disposed of serious damage to the environment. Therefore, the final journey of a car battery does not go into the house garbage bin, but to waste. There are different ways you can dispose of your car battery properly. The easiest way to deliver the battery recycling center is. So you can be sure to have everything you done possible that the current memory disposed of in an environmentally friendly and can give your car with a clear conscience a new battery. About the opening times of the recycling center informs your household waste disposal service or the competent local public office. If the transport before the recycling, it is important that the old car battery in the vehicle to accommodate properly. Make sure that it does not tip over during the tour because the battery to leak able. There is nothing wrong if you place to protect the trunk carpet a thick layer corrugated cardboard, the old car battery, the dirt and may Escaping fluid fields.

Dispose car battery properly and reap deposit money

After you have disposed of their car battery correctly, you will receive a receipt for the delivery. Those can be in the company where you once bought the current memory, submit and appreciate your disposal you Attributable deposit. Of course you will need the receipt and submit it. Therefore, keep your receipt when purchasing a new battery well. In Germany, the so-called battery regulation governs the return and recycling of duty batteries. If you return the old car battery, you get back the deposit fee of 7,50 EUR. What this means for you: You buy a new battery, bring the old car battery, and the seller subtracts the deposit fee on the purchase price. Pursuant to applicable law, the dealer must take back car batteries, regardless of whether you have your bought from him or elsewhere.

Buy car battery – let your old alike since

Because the battery take-back, however, depends on whether the seller has the old car battery in the offer of his employer, it is recommended to exchange the old battery where it was bought. To go always safe and come without problems to enjoy the deposit fee to get. Create a new car battery, without a decommissioned to make, are also computed deposit fees when buying. If you wish to dispose of the old car battery without having to buy a new one, you get logically, the deposit amount paid in cash. It is worthwhile properly the opponent for recycling the disused reservoir of energy, because you do good for the environment and engage even some euros.