Electric Cars: sales in Europe and a new investments

The electric car is already present in Europe. The trademarks, utilities and governments are doing their job to finally realize the dream. However, there are still many obstacles to go through the flourish development of electric car.
According to a survey by Global Industry Manufactruring, in Europe, people still lack confidence in the cars electrical. It says that only 16% of European consumers are identified as potential customers, but until recently 53% think they could come to consider purchasing one of these vehicles.
Electric Cars sales in Europe and a new investments
Three quarters of those questioned do not consider the purchase of electric vehicles if it does not exceed 480 km between charges.
The 4760 survey was conducted to European citizens from the countries of Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Turkey and United Kingdom. This gives the clear yet to improve the autonomy, batteries and all components that make an electric car so that people can trust and eventually buy.

This survey shows we put on because sales do not take off. According to the analysis of sales made JATO Dynamics, in the first half of this type of car only managed to reach the 0.07% of total European market. Nothing.

A total sale across the continent has been of only 5222 units. Well below the predictions of the brands and governments.

The countries most electric cars sold are: Germany, 1,020. France, 953. Norway, 850. United Kingdom, 599. Austria, 347. Denmark, 283. Holland, 269. Spain, 122. Sweden, 111. Italy, 103. Portugal, 93. Belgium, 85. Czech Republic, 43. Ireland, 36.

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