Electric Ecomotive Seat Altea XL

Seat has officially unveiled the prototype of the Altea XL Electric Ecomotive, the model will become the first 100% electric car manufactured in Spain. A model hit the market in 2016, a little later when we consider that the other brands are now launching their electric models. The company also announced that Martorell 2015 plan to produce the León Ecomotive TwinDrive, which will be his first hybrid car.
Seat has officially unveiled the prototype of the Altea XL Electric Ecomotive
The Altea XL Electric Eomotive keep the same structure as the combustion model and the term Electric Ecomotive is the result of a new technology developed by the Catalan plant, resulting in a range of 135 kilometers and an output of 115 hp. This model uses braking to recharge, it also has photovoltaic cells on the roof and will be charged on a home for eight hours or quickly, in two.
The first prototypes can be seen in the cities of Barcelona and Madrid in 2012, a date chosen by SEAT to test its performance and adapt the vehicle to user demands.
From the Catalan plant say they will not worry that the car hits the market in 2016, they claim that sales of this technology are minimal and from Seat seek to give a “giant step” toward sustainable mobility, so they want to develop Special mime The Altea XL Electric Ecomotive, to become a competitive vehicle and place as the leader in sales. To do this, the planned investment for the development of this model as the León Ecomotive TwinDrive exceeds one billion euros.
Regarding the hybrid model of Seat, the Leon Ecomotive TwinDrive is a plug-in hybrid vehicle that can run the electric motor, the combustion or both at once. Thus, for long distances combustion allows a range of 900 kilometers and urban travel the electric motor will have 52 kilometers of autonomy.
Finally, the price of this hybrid will be between 2,500 and 3,000 euros more expensive than combustion vehicles, while for the all-electric car, Seat has chosen not to give a specific figure, pending the development of technology and the market, and today these vehicles quintupled in price of gas.

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