EV Fleet Condor Electric Pickup Trucks

Today I talk about a proposed modest Californian manufacturer EV Fleet, which is trying to break an alternative that still today can be described as pioneering. It is the production of a pick-up 100% electric under the name Condor. The good news that has recently unveiled this small company is that your truck has 12,000 bookings.

Condor electric truck today. EV Fleet storage

These have come from the United States but also from other parts of the world, mainly in the Americas. In total 1,117 companies have expressed interest to seize an EV Fleet Condor Electric Pickup Trucks.

This electric van know that will be offered in two versions, one with batteries of 26 kWh and another of 50 kWh , which allowed a range of 65 and 160 kilometers respectively. The latter figure, according EV Fleet, corresponding to an average speed of 105 km / h. If reducing the latter in about 30 km / h, it is possible to squeeze the range to 225 kilometers.

EV Fleet Condor 2015 Electric Truck - YouTube

Fleet EV Electric Pickup Trucks that can schedule its other specifications, such as acceleration or top speed. The roof of the Condor as point is a maximum of 128 km / h, being able to reach 100 km / h in just over 5 seconds . Its maximum recommended load capacity is 453.5 kilograms.

They hope to start deliveries from February 2016 and eventually produce in the first year 500 business units, which will start at a price of $ 46,500 (41,200 euros) for the variant of 26 kWh, and $ 49,500 ( 43,780 euros) for the 50 kWh.

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