Fault in car: what to do?

You may, on occasion, have suffered a breakdown in the car, leave you thrown in either the city or on the road and in this situation you have to act on any of these tips.

If the car leaves you lying in the city:

who is at fault in a car accident

– Indicates fast car breakdown up four flashing and making signs for those who are behind you, know that your car is damaged.

– If you have been stopped in the middle of the road, you must remove the vehicle, not to keep out the other vehicles.

– If it is at night and the road is not well lit, place the warning triangle, about 50 meters ahead of the car, and about 50 meters behind, except that either one-way motorway and has more than three lanes, which need to place the triangle in front. Put yourself also reflective vest. The triangles must be visible from 100 meters before, which is essential to address this breakdown in the car.

– Always carry your phone charger, and call your auto insurance provider if they have roadside assistance to move your vehicle to the repair shop of your choice.

– While you wait, get behind the barrier of safety.

What about you?, Do you know any other measure to solve the fault in the car?

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