First Aid – Emergency procedures for Best Result

Before you meet your obligations as road users and provide first aid, save yourself before anything else from with warning lights, safety vest and warning triangle. You know from your driving license completed a first aid course yet. What then is to be done?

Education is important for first aid measures: If the accident victim responsive? Is it perhaps in shock? Are at first glance violations identified? Threatens a further threat to the victim, anything by leaking fuel or fire, you can create the person once in safety. Alert now rescuers by dialing 112. If the person is unconscious, start with a cardiac massage. To do this, lay the victim flat on his back on the asphalt and make his chest free of jackets and motorcycle protective clothing. The pressure point for palm of your hand you find the center of the chest to the breastbone.

At first aid strips you may sometimes break a rib

Immediate life-saving measures: The cardiac massage

Press the sternum 30 in a row down short and strong. The indentation depth should be at about five to six inches. Between two pumpings to relieve the chest completely, otherwise the heart can not fill with blood. The optimal frequency of chest compressions amounts to at least 100 and a maximum of 120 compressions per minute. Correct posture makes you the first aid easier. Kneel upright next to the victim, his shoulders are perpendicular to the sternum of the patient. Press rhythmically with the mass of your upper body with your arms straight and your elbows are depressed. If possible, alternate with other witnesses – a cardiac massage is very physically demanding, especially in summer.

First Aid sometimes can not do without injury

Even if you place your palm correct and not press too hard, there are often broken ribs. These are the sometimes frightening loud audible click, and commonly practiced – go for your patient including but not wider risks. For this reason, you should be continuing chest compressions after one or more rib fractures. You can not carry criminal penalties for damage caused in a revival of rib fracture. This goes for any injuries or property damage such as damaged clothing that arise in the context of first aid measures. But you will probably 323c StGB you prosecuted under § for failure to render assistance, such as when you go on an injured person, but make no first aid.

How else can you do even first aid?

In addition to these immediate life-saving measures you can otherwise provide first aid also – and this may of the settling of the persons concerned, their positioning in the recovery position, the union of the emergency blanket up to Verarztung small wounds with bandages or plasters rich from your first aid kit. If you wear disposable gloves while, you should know that it is therefore more difficult to handle sticking plaster or tape – remain the preferred hanging on the latex material.


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