Ford seeks new momentum with carbon fiber

Ford was working to increase the efficiency of their models through the use of carbon fiber we knew at least as far as declaration of intent. This is what was announced almost three years ago when the US manufacturer and Dow Automotive Company joined this purpose.

That same year, the Dow itself was a partner in Turkey in this area and thus was born DowAksa. Now, the association becomes more formal, because the alliance has actively joined the Institute for Innovation and Advanced Composites Production ; and moreover, we started and see some of the results of the work of Ford.

Ford and DowAksa are accelerating joint research to develop high-volume manufacturing techniques for automotive-grade carbon fiber

Little change in the objectives that arose in 2012, and govern this area of ​​the industry. The idea is to lower the production process to incorporate carbon fiber without the final price of the vehicles affected.

Please note that Ford has made ​​it clear that their research stop there. We mean that, for now, we should not have any illusions with possible applications to Ford of carbon fiber to their electric engines that are to come, as it did BMW. And is that Ford in its bid states that apply carbon fiber to reduce weight, improve efficiency and consumption, and not sacrifice performance .

In any case, as I have already mentioned on other occasions carbon fiber is a material that attracts many benefits for manufacturers. For example, in the ease of incorporation into production processes. Ford estimates that, compared with steel, they can save 50% weight in the vehicle components.


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