GPS on the windshield of your car to avoid distractions

The HUD (Head-Up Display) is one of the most successful elements in high-end cars. See the information in your path and some parameters of the trip in the car windshield keeps you distracted by the GPS screen. Although this system is now available in many cars, Garmin has created a gadget for anyone of you to enjoy this technology.

The current GPS devices are pretty fundamental in any car because they help you to reach your destination safe and faster. However, it also has some disadvantages such as the need to look more or less constant the TV screen to check the route. This can cause distractions and greater evils, so that Garmin has decided to launch a gadget that will project onto your windshield all the information you need, Garmin HUD.

Garmin HUD GPS to avoid distractions

Garmin HUD works with a smartphone, either iOS, Android or Windows Phone, via Bluetooth and requires a small semitransparent plate glass windshield in order to project the correct images both day and night. This system provides information on the next turn, the distance traveled, current speed and the speed limit of the road on which we circulate. It is best to not require a fixed installation, so you can use one of these gadgets on any vehicle.

Head-Up Display is one of the most successful elements in high-end cars

Garmin HUD also has the ability to warn you about radar or small problems with traffic on a specific road. Of course, if you want to stay out of battery soon, you will have to charge your smartphone while using it as a GPS next to HUD. In this way, the company specializes in geo-location systems allows anyone to use one of these interfaces in your vehicle while not high end, but it is also true that this technology has been present several years in firms less luxurious cars as Citroën.

The Garmin HUD price is $ 130, just over 100 euros, but unfortunately only available in the U.S., at least for now. However, you also have to add the application support either Garmin Street Pilot or NAVIGON, with an approximate price of 23 euros.


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