Get a Skoda for free between November 7 and December 18

Get a Skoda for free between November 7 and December 18
Skoda launches new campaign “We invite you to test us”, which is very interesting. In order to promote sales of Skoda vehicles invites anyone who is thinking about changing his mount to test a model in its range between November 7 and December 18 and tell them what you think of it. All people who accept the challenge and decide to acquire a model before the end of the year entered into a draw for which they can get the vehicle for free.
A total of six vehicles to give away Skoda, one for each of the weeks in which they can perform the test, six winners will be announced on January 31, 2012. The award will be the full amount of the price of the vehicle (including tax), which should have paid, will be returned.
Find all the information about this exciting campaign: here.


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