Why it is convenient to do a periodic maintenance of the automatic gearbox

A long time ago, automatic gearboxes seemed like we would only see them in American movies. And you will ask yourself, why only the Americans? The automatic gearbox is the preferred option of the local public for years and years.

We had the feeling that they would only reach the most outstanding versions of the European manufacturers, but the truth is that their popularity has not stopped growing. At present, the disposition of this option has been standardized in practically all the market segments.

From SUVs to supercars, to the SUV versions that are so important in today’s industry. Given how automatic options are proliferating, it is necessary to know what type of maintenance requires an automatic gearbox to avoid suffering an early deterioration or a shortening of its useful life.

The vast majority of people who opt for this version only look at the positive point, that is, the elimination of the third pedal to improve ride comfort. The pulls disappear and the holding that is changing gear continually disappears.

DSG automatic box

Automatic gearbox

However, they are not aware of the maintenance that must be followed so that the gearbox is not spoiled with the passage of time. In Auto Matic are experts in this system, so we recommend you take advantage of an offer consisting of a 10% discount on the maintenance of the automatic gearbox of your car only valid until 04/30/2018 . More info on the promo .

What possible breakdowns can a car suffer with automatic gearbox
The automatic gearbox has different components than a manual one . The objective of both options is the same, but the achievement to obtain a higher or lower gear is different.

Therefore, the faults that a car with manual transmission can have can differ from those of an automatic one . In fact, within the range of automatic options there are different options, as you can read in Auto Matic .

For example, in the Volkswagen group, what was previously called the VAG group, has different alternatives . The change DSG, priority in Volkswagen or Seat, is far from the PDK option, indisputable sign of Porsche, another of the subsidiaries of the group. Now, what are, in any of the modalities, the elements that must be taken into account in maintenance?


The most common are the jerks, the oil losses that serve to lubricate the components that are in continuous friction, the failures in the torque converter, the lack of response and the gait jumps .

Inappropriate gait pulls : This may occur because the drum in which the disks are located is broken. If it is partially touched, it may lead to annoying jerks in driving.
In this case, the obligatory visit to the workshop is recommended for the replacement of the pieces that are in poor condition.

Oil leakage from the gearbox : This problem is usually easily detectable for several reasons. On the one hand, when idling, an unusual vibration will be appreciated that could be eliminated when engaging a gear.


However, the best way to detect a possible oil leak is to see if a stain of the characteristic color of the one used in the automatic transmission system is formed . This, depending on the manufacturer, is usually an intense red and also have an odor that is far from what we are more used to seeing, the engine.

In the best case, if you have only traveled a few kilometers, the leak will be covered and the tank will be refilled. On the other hand, if excessive wear has occurred due to no lubrication , all the components of the gearbox will be checked.

Problems in the torque converter : This type of failure, rare in the industry, has as its main hallmark the impossibility of climbing up beyond the second. Both the first and reverse gear work correctly, so in a hypothetical case, it could be circulated to the workshop if it is located in the locality.

Automatic gearbox oil

As it can be read in the Operational Network of Spanish Scrapping ( RODES ), this fault had special incidence in the automatic boxes 722.6 of Mercedes-Benz .

The torque converter can also be behind a lack of response when stepping on the accelerator . The loss of power when changing to a higher gear could be the result of not having maintained a good maintenance during the life of the system.

In this sense, it would most likely be a substitution of the automatic transmission oil and let it lubricate the entire circuit correctly to see if it works better. However, it is possible that the deterioration had already occurred by the time spent, so we would have to look more closely if dirt and wear require the replacement of some components.

Smell of burning when the gear is engaged : Again, we see again a problem related to the null maintenance of the gearbox. If you know that you have not made the correct substitution of the lubricant fluid of the automatic transmission, it is likely that one day you will start to smell very strongly, as if you were burning.

DSG automatic box

By then, the present oil will have lost all the qualities , so it will end up heating up excessively generating this smell. Performing proper maintenance is essential and this is just another test that confirms it.

Breakage of march : This condition is foreseen to avoid the box of changes, but in fact derives from a failure of the same one. The best way to detect it is by looking at how the shift from a gear to a higher gear occurs while accelerating.
If it goes to point N, that is, better known as neutral, it is because the solution that allows the system to protect itself from an excessive deterioration of the automatic change has come into operation.

Faced with this situation, it will be necessary to go to the workshop to solve a problem that could lead to other more serious breakdowns, which could increase the repair bill.

The conclusion we can draw from all the previous breakdowns is the same as always; Performing a good periodic maintenance of the automatic gearbox.

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