Check the tire pressure is usually something we do, not only for security but also to save on gas taking the correct pressure recommended by the manufacturer. This healthy habit has, according to Goodyear, its days numbered.

Goodyear is working on a single tire inflated

Both the research center of Akron, Ohio (USA), and in that of Colmar-Berg, Luxembourg, Goodyear is working on a system called AMT or Air Maintenance Technology that keeps the correct pressure for the wheel.

Although the system is complex, the idea is simple: the tire is inflated by himself using a small pump housed inside that works with the very movement of the wheel, saving you the trouble to check the pressure, as is always the suitable.

So far the tire brand has not set a date for marketing of this new technology, but thanks to aid from the U.S. government and the European Union is likely to come to our cars before we think.