Green cars

Take out the seat cushions and the spare

Refreshing Your Used Car

The distinctive, fresh smell isn’t the only great thing about driving off in a new car, you can get it from a Used Car too. Every last inch of it is spotless, it handles beautifully, and there are no irritating faults to deal with. New cars are great, but for...

benefits of driving a green car and at the same time uses less fuel

Tips for driving a green car

Today there are many people who want to change cars, but not branded but is conscious consumers more aware that there is another more environmentally friendly manner consistent environment in learning to drive a green car. The most basic tips make the driver carries a continuous rate since sometimes accelerate...

Renault Megane with electrified

Electrified Renault Megane: Continental Wants to Know

150 km range, a battery life of two and a half hours and not slow down the space: With a self-developed, electrified Renault Megane shows tire manufacturer Continental, the all-electric compact cars are not just the future. The majority of the components is ready for the market or is already...