How and when to put the antifreeze coolant in the car

The anti freeze is a liquid that serves to lower the temperature of cooling water (the temperature at which the water solidifies). It is usually recommended in winter in places where the temperature drops below zero degrees frequently, and is usable for otherwise it will solidify the water of the radiator and that for cleaning glass. And it is advisable to use on cars that run on average more than 10,000 kilometers a year.

Step 1:
Buy the antifreeze suitable for your car. Some are able to protect the water from freezing down to -20 degrees, some even up to -40, but if you have to go to the North Pole it should not serve as a powerful anti-freeze.

The amount of anti freeze you need is written on the book of car maintenance

Step 2:
Quantity. The amount of antifreeze you need is written on the book of car maintenance. There are two types of antifreeze: the one already diluted, which fits directly into the radiator, or the one to be diluted, that is, the radiator must be emptied, the mixture of water + anti-freeze should be previously prepared (usually 50 and 50), and then be filled again. For convenience, the first type is advisable.

Step 3:
Open the bonnet, open the water tank (it is great with a screw cap in front of you), and pour the mixture in the amount specified by the manufacturer of the car.

Step 4:
Close the tank and repeat the same operation, if you like it (it is not as important as the radiator) for the smaller tank tube, which is used to provide water for cleaning car windows. This can help in the case of strong cold as the mixture of anti freeze and water sprayed on the windscreen and also prevent it from freezing and also dissolves more quickly the snow settles over you.

Step 5:
Close everything and go.

Some antifreeze are defined as permanent, i.e. that take place throughout the year. But you know that with time the antifreeze loses power and then, especially if the car travels a lot, it should be recharged at least once a year, at the beginning of each winter.


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