You have told many things about selling a second hand car, you need to check for the value of a used car is not impaired; You have also seen some tips on how to value your car and ultimately, like selling a second hand car satisfactorily, but you have not gone into the possible actions that make the value of my car be benefited.

How to increase the value of my car

One of these actions is as simple as clean upholstery. Surely you have mounted in the car of a smoker, or a couple with small children. Would you buy those cars which had such? Surely not. But he is hopeless. Then you will put a small list of how to remove some stains for the interior of the car to sell is in perfect condition and its value is not compromised, because in a market like the cars used any excuse to shed a few few euros to the final price of a used car.

You just need a bucket, brush, soap and common lizard cleaner, some rags, rubber gloves and in some cases, upholstery cleaner. Sure you have everything or almost everything at home and if you have to buy it, nothing will come expensive and you will pay a few euros in the value of the used car.

However, before you start please read the tips that come in every pot cleaning fluid before use , there are some that can damage the upholstery if you do not use them well.

Smoking car

Let’s start by smoking cars. I am an ex-smoker and just how a car after smoking it, and how it smells to others because I’m experiencing now is not pleasant. In addition, although many do not know or care little cigarette smoke smearing. But everything has easy fix: water, soap, a toothbrush and rub. There will be spots that require cleaning fluid, but be careful because some off nicotine and allow more spots yet.

Cars parents with young children

If you are a father or mother with small babies, sure you know what you are able to do those creatures that are sitting in the back seat, but nothing happens again, everything is hopeless, even the gum stuck in the seats and stains caramel. The gum, you can remove chewing gum freezing with an ice cube and then scratching. As for candy, very, very hot water and causing leave sticky residue slowly dissolving. The milk stains are removed with a mild soap, leaving it for five minutes and then rub thoroughly with soap and water. If instead there are patches of soft drinks, hot and cleaner water.

Oil and grease stains

The oil and grease stains are the worst that you can find along with pet hair then you see. If you want to sell a car upholstery stained with oil or grease, be sure that the buyer will offer less directly by car or another used car is searched. The oil leaves with mild soap and water. You left a few minutes and then rub again with water and soaped. For fat it is more complicated. You need boiling water and stain remover. You wet the stain with boiling water, let it soften and dry with a cloth, then use the stain remover. It is possible that in both cases you have to repeat the operation several times, but better to lose money on the sale of my car.

Animal hair

Another torture which causes a very bad impression on a used car. And sometimes, it smells like snuff and is not pleasant. To remove hair, rub with a sponge, if rough better. Then, and beware that this may be the remedy worse than the disease, you had sandpaper. Done all this, you take the vacuum cleaner and all aspire.

Basic cleaning

As basic as essential. It is the last to perform for all the above processes, fences and can leave marks. So once removed stains from fat, milk, gum and candy for children and dog hairs, proceed to clean the entire interior thoroughly with soap and water or upholstery cleaner, without being any corner.

With these tips, not only you have a perfectly clean interior , but also the potential buyer will not have any fault nor any excuse not to pay what you ask your used car.