How to Remove oil leaks from the engine

Many times you’ll find out in the garage under the car, left the pesky oil stains. They are, it is good to act now to stop these leaks. With this guide you will be able to act quickly learning how to clean and to stop those pesky leaks.

How to Remove oil leaks from the engine

Find Out How

If you happen to find oil stains under your car, you need to look at once the source of the leak. The first thing you do is clean the area of the vehicle over the oil slick, but keep in mind that the loss does not come necessarily from the point of dripping. To remove the dough with oil and dust under the shell, use a wire brush and then washed with petroleum or solvent degreasing. Mind you, however, that a job where there is very dirty, then it will be useful to wear a suit to work is to put a plastic sheet to cover the floor.


How do the cutting own car

In the case where you realize that the loss is from the engine, put in motion your car for a few minutes. After turn it off and controls the head gasket and the rocker arm cover, which, in the event of such loss, is the most common point of origin. The losses of the rocker arms are revealed by the presence of oil splashes against the lid. Furthermore the oil that flows on the cylinder head indicates a leak in the said gasket. To accommodate this loss then tighten the screws or bolts of the cover in a uniform manner, but without exceeding, not to deform the gasket and the cover and worsen the loss of oil.


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