How to repair oil leaks from steering box

Sometimes you also have oil leaks from the seal of the box distribution. Then checks that there are no streams of oil from the bottom of the box and along the lid of the cup. At this point you have to tighten the bolts evenly distribution of the box. You must also check that there are streams of oil spilling out from behind the pulley, since it would mean a loss of seal. If however, you realize that this happens, you have to go to a mechanic to show thee replace.
leakage from the steering box

Sometimes losses can come from the side cover gaskets. This happens to some cars fitted with one or more plates of protection for the room of the tappets on one side of the engine, usually under the supply manifold or exhaust. If you realize then that the lower edge of one of the plates is a loss. But if the plate is located under the exhaust manifold, it is good to let the engine cool, though still warm, before proceeding.

If you realize that there are no leaks from the pan gasket, emissions in all bolts evenly. If you find a leak from the drain plug, proceed to tighten the cap. But if the loss continues, c HAT involves the replacement of the seal of the cap, and this also implies the emptying of the cup. In this case, you should go to a mechanic to proceed safely, avoiding some mistakes which might aggravate the situation.

If the oil leak coming from the oil filter gasket, try to tighten the filter by hand. Obviously this is true if the loss is minimal. If it does not mean that the seal is broken and must be replaced. So if the filter is of the type replaceable element, tighten the center bolt. But if the leak continues, unscrew the center bolt and detach the container from the support flange. Then remove the gasket and replace with new. Replace the gasket of the flange.

In the case where the loss is from the differential, and if it is abundant, must be removed in part the differential: is a work to be done by a mechanic. However, may be able to block a small leak around the differential casing, by tightening the bolts of the gasket. To lock the other hand the loss from the fill plug, or from the exhaust enough to replace the seal of the cap. Also in this case the change of the gasket is equivalent to the emptying of the oil.

Even in the case of leakage from the steering box, if it comes from the cover seal, it can be eliminated by tightening the bolts. But if the loss comes from the filling mouth, you have to replace the seal cap. Instead, for all other types of losses we should trust to a mechanic because the steering should be recorded after replacement of the seals. We proceed by yourself, you are likely to tighten the cover bolts in the wrong way, causing stiffness in the steering.


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