If a light is not working it is not necessarily the bulb is burned out. The problem could be due to an electrical contact or the need to replace a blown fuse.

Before working on the optical unit it is advisable to check the integrity of the relevant fuse and exclude the existence of other electrical malfunctions. Not possible to provide instructions for replacing the lamps for the various lights of a car, as they vary from model to model. The booklet use and maintenance of each car contains instructions for replacing the lamps of various lights, front position to the headlights, the headlights of depth to the front turn lights, the lights in the side to front fog lights, the lights of the plate to the rear lights of position, direction, stop, reverse and fog).

do a circular motion so as not to scratch the lighthouse

You must also consider the interior lights of the car (front ceiling lamp, ceiling lamp rear lamps, drawers, luggage compartment lamp, etc.). Keep in mind that for the transparent bulb, halogen lamps should not be touched with the fingers, not to affect its durability. In case of accidental contact, you have to rub the bulb with a cloth soaked in alcohol and let it dry.

At one time it was necessary to periodically check the operation of all lights visually. The new generation cars are equipped with an extensive on-board instrumentation that the electrical signal anomalies, including the failure of a light. Unlike bulbs for domestic use, which must be screwed, the lamps of the car provide the bayonet coupling. The instrument panel could accurately report the light off or limited to indicating the failure of a light, and in this case, it is the driver for a ride around the car to find it. In general, this is a control that is done in two, the first person is behind the wheel to drive the various lights (high beam, low beam, direction lights, reverse, etc.), while a second person outside the car it confirms the operation.

To ensure maximum efficiency of the lighting outside of your car, it is very important to regularly clean lights and follow the coming points as a guide:

  • First go at an auto parts store and buy either a chamois cloth to polish the car body.
  • Buy a glass cleaner and rags maybe created using the old shirts that do not put more!
  • Open the hood of your car using the lever under the steering wheel and put it safely using the small rod.
  • Now take the polish and place it evenly over the first lighthouse. With the chamois cloth and making circular movements polished the headlights.
  • Repeat the process with the other lighthouse! Remember to always do a circular motion so as not to scratch the lighthouse.
  • Now remove the polish using a clean, dry cloth. Do the same thing with both the headlights of the car.
  • You just have to take a generic glass cleaner and wipe the headlights to remove the remaining polish.
  • Finally, you have removed the opacity of your headlights! Remember not to push too hard when cleaning to avoid scratching the glass of the headlight.