To replace tires in the event of a puncture, you have to park the car as soon as possible on a flat road, in a safe space, engage first or reverse gear and pull the handbrake. If the road has a certain slope it is appropriate to place chocks under the remaining three wheels, and using makeshift objects, such as logs, stones, bricks, boards, to avoid the risk that the car could move, even slightly, and fall the jack or jack lifting.

how to replace tires in the event of a puncture

After placing the car, you must retrieve the spare wheel (placed in the luggage compartment under the bonnet, outside under the luggage compartment behind the rear door), the screwdriver, the jack and wrench to unscrew the bolts, unless you have a more efficient key cross.

As the first action you have to place the jack under the spar of the car, taking care to position it in the anchor point. The type of jack and its layout varies from car to car, so you need to use the instructions from the book “use and maintenance“, supplied the car, to avoid mistakes.

Using the screwdriver (flat end), you must remove the cup (wheel covers) of the wheel to be replaced, prying between the rim and the wheel cover. Once you have removed any wheel covers (not present for the alloy wheels) with the supplied key of the car or any spider, you have to loosen the bolts of the wheel.

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Operation should be performed only when the wheel is still completely resting on the ground. Now, it is time to lift the car, until the wheel becomes a few inches off the ground. Then, unscrew the bolts completely and remove the wheel. At this point we need to place the spare wheel, using the provided pin hole, then tighten the bolts, lower the car and remove the jack.

Removed the jack, you have to tighten the bolts, passing alternately from one bolt to the opposite one. At this point you have to replace the wheel covers, giving his hand a sharp blow on the same, taking care to leave in view of the inflation valves. All that remains is to put the tools in place, as well as to repair the wheel punctured as soon as possible, making it put in place of the spare wheel, as rearranged in their own accommodation. When changing the wheel wear the jacket provided and place the triangle, in a visible, but that does not cause disruption to traffic, at least 30/40 meters before the place where the car has been settled.

For a uniform consumption of the four tires, it is advisable to exchange (inversion) of the front wheels with the rear after each 12.000/13.000 km, respecting the side of the car, i.e. to exchange cross tires. This is because, the drive wheels (usually the front ones) are subject to a wear faster than the other pair of tires.