How to Sell a Used Car?

In times of crisis, selling your used car is a good output and can be a quick way to get cash; if you plan to do so, consider the following tips:

If you are going to buy used car, read this guide.

Publish an ad, taking pictures of the car from different views, the more photos of the vehicle do much better, because this way, the buyer get a more accurate picture of the current state of the car, and will be an advantage when selling it.

Tell the truth about the year that has the second hand car and if you have had repairs, submits invoices, which shows that the problem has been solved.

Perform a thorough cleaning of the car, including the interior

Search the Internet from individuals who sell the same used car like you, share similar characteristics, to get an idea of the price you can have your car when it is sold.

Perform a thorough cleaning of the car, including the interior, upholstery, ceilings, doors and front panel, so you have a better chance of selling.

Announce the car on the main pages of sale, social networks and other ad pages.

Indicate the year of purchase of second hand car, MOT, repairs, overhauls and actual mileage of the car, as they are aspects that greatly influence the purchase of second hand car.

Set a minimum price, which does not go down, you can start offering price a little higher and go further lowering, but always being open to possible negotiations with the buyer.

If the used car has extra equipment highlight is in the ad, such as climate control, alloy wheels or traction control among others.

As the cars lack warranty, do not hide information to the buyer and submits all invoices you have about the repairs you have made to the car, maintenance or Road Tax to name a few, for the buyer to see which is the day.


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