How to make your car ride safe and expeditious transfer

some helpful tips for making the most of your time on the road

Before starting your holiday and if he decided to move by car, it is important to consider several tips that are on the list of indispensable. The first is to develop the vehicle, check the levels of engine and tire condition and analyzing fuel costs and tolls that will involve the transfer.

some helpful tips for making the most of your time on the road

Furthermore experts recommend seeing the volume of luggage you take to avoid overloading the spaces and properly place them inside the car, so as not to forget the mandatory items such as first aid kit, fire extinguisher and warning triangles, among others.


In another twist as additional recommendation is -for example- down web applications to your mobile phone, which allow you to enjoy a trip, reaching the route and with updated information highways and roads.

“With the popularization of smartphones, people have access to many interesting applications, eg that help plan your travel or movement data indicate on the road at the time, which contributes to a better transportation to the place of destination, “commented Professor of Civil Engineering in Computer Science, University of Talca, Rodolfo Allendes.

Academic highlighted some applications that enhance the experience of those who travel by car.

” The applications that let you use the phone as a GPS, are very good. This applies to maps Google or Open Street Map, if you want an alternative. One of the graces is that before the trip can be saved maps on the device memory and then when viewing them, is not required to be connected Internet, which is very useful, “said the specialist.

Another case is the Waze application, which is also free and used by communities throughout Chile. “This system not only serves you GPS when defining a route, but also define shorter routes, warns traffic situations such as accidents and congestion. Also you can see bencineras prices, which are updated by the community, and saving money on the trip,” said Allendes.

Besides these there are a number of free applications that help make the trip more informed, some where tourist sites are shown, other restaurants or chopped. One such is the Wine Route Curico, performed by students of the University of Talca. This application is for download on Google Play online shop for phones with Android operating system, to find all the sights and deepen the Curico Valley wine.


-Keep All legally required documentation
– Complete first aid kit
– A flashlight or lamp
– Always carry a hydraulic jack (for tires), a spare tire and warning triangles
– Fire
– Cables to pass power from the car battery
– Chairs safety when traveling with children under 7 years.
– Check condition and tire air levels.
– Check the vehicle’s suspension and steering.
– Check windshield fluid reservoir.
– Check lights