Mako Shark Green Fun: the almost electric car

Mako Shark has decided to present its new model of electric city car, whose name will be Green Fun, special Uniques Ones in 2011. This is an event or festival in which they are exposed unique cars from all decades of history from there drive motor vehicles. The Green Fun enough that a four-wheel light weight and very low power, so little that even does not even come into the category of car for this reason. Its electric drive system has been carried out thanks to the Mako Shark collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Milan.

Mako Shark Green Fun the almost electric car

To get a vehicle traction motor super light, Green Fun has used very light alloy materials for the manufacture and composition of the body and chassis. Joint propulsion consists of four electric motors with a power of 1 kW each. This gives a power of about 6 horsepower among the four. Each engine is assigned to one of the wheels and operates autonomously and individually, so the need for transmission is abolished.

Fun Green weight reaches 450 kilos of which only 84 correspond to the lithium-ion batteries used to give strength to the engines, this allows you to have 150 km of autonomy. Requires a continuous five-hour recharge in the home network. The truth is that with its 45 mph speed limit still do not understand why they call it Fun.

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