Mercedes-Benz develops its own belt with airbag

Yes, the German manufacturer has followed the lead of companies like Ford, among others. Mercedes-Benz has always been a brand that has been linked to the latest safety technology, thus being left behind in this field and has presented the final model which has been working in recent years. It is worth recalling a prototype called ESF 2009 (based on the Class S) which had the ultimate in safety.

Mercedes-Benz develops its own belt with airbag

The prototype already had a first version of this seat belt with air bag. Today the German manufacturer has confirmed that production will soon reach the system, i.e., their models will have this as standard. The seat belt airbag is incorporated an air bag that inflates on the belt surface that covers the torso of the occupant.

In this way, you get significantly reduce the damage to the ribs (and therefore are better protected the vital organs) in the event of a frontal collision. As he has done Ford, the brand has decided Germanic book this system only for the rear seat belts. As indicated by Mercedes-Benz, in the front seats this system is unnecessary since the driver and front passenger airbags have other additional.

Moreover, the brand has indicated that the first model to incorporate this safety belt with airbag will be a new ‘luxury model’. The most logical would be to include it in the next generation Mercedes S-Class.


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