New Honda Fit Electric Vehicle is already testing

Honda has made ​​a small fleet of electric model Fit 2013 available to some public and private corporations (among which are Google, Stanford University and the city of Torrance, California) as part of the demonstration of the Japanese electric vehicles. All participants carried out performance tests using vehicles as their daily activities.

New Honda Fit is already testing electric

The goal of the Demonstration Program Honda electric vehicles is to better understand the challenges and opportunities associated with the advancing technology of the electric battery-powered car“, said Steve Center, vice president of the development office of environmental affairs Honda America.

Google will use electric vehicles as part of its G-Fleet (as they call their fleet of vehicles, referring to Gmail), a rideshare program (Carpool) company that uses electric vehicles for use by workers. Part of the work of Google will also monitor carbon emissions, energy consumption and kilometers traveled per full charge.

Stanford will use electric vehicles to test newly developed theories about the psychological and physical reactions to the use of vehicles to battery and what is the difference in a person when driving a vehicle with gasoline engine.

Honda says he hopes the research will help the company better understand customer acceptance to the “migration” to electric vehicles and how to overcome obstacles related to the adoption of new technologies.

Honda will sell this model of car in the spring of 2013.


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