New Opel Adam include Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

The new infotainment system IntelliLink R4.0 offered with Opel Adam (also brand Vauxhall) has support Android and Apple Auto carplay. This means that iPhone and Android users alike can connect their phones with enhanced multimedia system drive way.

Apple CarPlay supported apps include Phone, Messages, Maps

With the new system, customers of Opel Adam will have access to your smartphone without looking at the screens of their devices. This means using features of smartphones it becomes safer for everyone on the road.

In the case of the iPhone, the device also be recharged because it is connected to a proprietary lightning cable. Android users can choose not to use a cable to connect to the Android interface in automatic equipped with this kit such as Adam Opel cars.

Opel and Vauxhall will also offer a navigation system TomTom Go on Adam. This system is mounted on the board, located between the dashboard and the windshield, and sits on a specific connection system. This particular feature is now available for purchase at dealerships Opel / Vauxhall and has a 4.3 inch screen and maps of 45 European countries with traffic information in real time.

Along with the new information and entertainment system available, the New Opel Adam 2016 can be specified with the Opel OnStar system. This feature provides assistance 24 hours on the road, automatic crash response, remote vehicle diagnostics and remote access to the vehicle through a smartphone application secure.

The application OnStar particular enables the owner of New Opel Adam lock or unlock the doors remotely and compruebar vehicle information available. For Glam Slam and variants, OnStar is standard. Customers who buy from your Opel Adams OnStar also get a Wi-Fi Hotspot 4G / LTE connection. This device allows the connection of up to seven mobile devices simultaneously. 4G service connection is free for the first year of use, but special terms apply.


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