According to studies by the manufacturers and tire dealers can spend up to 50 liters of fuel over a year for not wearing the proper tire pressure, equivalent to almost a full tank and around 70 euros in petrol or diesel.

Billions wasted fuel

If we add the excess consumption of all the vehicles each year with tires not recommended by the manufacturer proper pressure we can conclude that consume up to 775 million liters more, equivalent to 1,000 million euros could be saved with simply take the proper tire pressure.
tire pressure increases fuel costs
Besides the increased expenditure on fuel, without proper tire pressure deforms before, is more prone to punctures and life expectancy is reduced. Also, especially in warmer seasons, as in the summer months, are more frequent blowouts tire pressure less adequate, one of the main causes of accidents.

Periodic reviews

The tire manufacturers and distributors are advised to check the status of the gums frequently to ensure safety at least every 15 days during the summer months and whenever you go on a trip. In virtually all service stations there manometers to do this, but warned that some are not in good condition and can be misleading, so we recommend making checks on specialized workshops, where such operations are usually performed no cost for the driver.