The company Skoda Auto has recently days begun preparations to begin assembling and preparing about ten units and test the new model, the Octavia Green E Line. This tiny fleet has been created to begin to collect data on safety and reliability of this prototype in real traffic conditions. The Czech brand model bet with Green E Line to begin to penetrate the market for vehicles powered by electricity one hundred percent. It is hoped that this little assembly work is ready for September.

Skoda prepares the assembly of its Octavia Green E Line

What will these new cars recognizable by users will be its new design and a new security system, a sort of loudspeaker that generates sound by simulating an engine running at a speed of 40 km per hour . This will be working closely with the company Volkswagen Group with which Skoda has a big role in the process of converting to electric cars in its own range. With this small fleet of cars, data will be critical to the future of cars that development.

The electrical energy as a method of propulsion for vehicles shall be a fundamental part of the future of Skoda cars manufactured, thus seeking to participate in a program to reduce emissions and find more effective ways of consumption . Until now, Skoda preferred to reduce displacement engines or used in systems such as the Start-stop for more greening their cars.